Surat : Drunk Driver of Radiant International School Puts Lives of 35 School Children at Risk

Shocking incident exposes negligence and endangerment of young students


Surat: In a harrowing incident that sent shockwaves through the community, a bus driver employed by Radiant International School on Ugat Canal Road was apprehended after crashing into a car while ferrying 35 school children. The driver’s intoxicated state at the time of the accident has raised serious concerns about the safety measures implemented by the school administration.

The incident occurred during the morning rush hour as students in the 4th and 5th standards embarked on their daily commute to school. Eyewitnesses reported a chaotic scene as the bus collided with a passing car near Dabholi Char Road. The car’s driver, quick to react, immediately confronted the bus driver, who was visibly inebriated.

As the confrontation ensued, it became apparent that the bus driver, identified as Dinesh Magan Patel, had put the lives of the young passengers at grave risk by driving under the influence of alcohol. The car driver, alarmed by this revelation, wasted no time in alerting the authorities, leading to the swift arrival of the police at the scene.

Dinesh Patel, a resident of Rudi Paliya in Olpad village, was subsequently detained by the police for further investigation. The incident has triggered an outcry among the parents who entrust their children’s safety to the school, paying substantial fees for their education and transportation.

Local residents expressed their outrage, emphasizing the need for strict adherence to safety protocols and the responsibility of educational institutions to prioritize the well-being of students. The police have assured the community that they will conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.

This alarming incident serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of stringent background checks, regular monitoring, and strict adherence to safety regulations within the transportation systems of educational institutions. The local community and parents are now demanding accountability from Radiant International School for this gross negligence, seeking reassurances that such incidents will never be repeated in the future.