Sonal Patel is a finalist of Haut Monde Mrs India worldwide 2023 Season 12


New Delhi (India), June 2: Sonal Patel, originally from Gujarat, India, where was able to build a successful career as a fashion designer and yoga instructor. In 2016, she moved to Chicago (USA) along with her family, and she was unable to work on her career in order to experience new areas.

If we talk about her transformative journey through the Haut Mond Mrs. India Worldwide beauty pageant.

This pageant has been more than just a pageant for Sonal.  It has provided her with a chance to gain so much more confidence and charisma, build relationships with other powerful women, and better herself with cool unity. This beauty pageant has allowed her to take her skills and experience of being a fashion designer and yoga instructor and mold it into something bigger.

Haut Monde has given her a chance to showcase her abilities and also build upon new characteristics.

Haut Mond is a competition where powerful women come together and inspire each other to reach their potential. It is a competition that provides women with a platform to make an impact in their community. Sonal has stepped out of her comfort zone, which has led her to accomplish new things in life. Today, she represents women from all over the world in this incredibly inspiring journey with Haut Mond.

Sonal is proud to represent her own state of Illinois, America, as well as her former state of Gujarat, India. She is beyond grateful for this incredible opportunity where she gets to motivate other women to be able to step out in their lives and aim high for success.