SkillArbitrage Offers Scholarships to PWD candidates Worth INR 1 Crore!

Taking these classes will prepare students for work in the private sector at home and for freelance work abroad nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.  After successfully completing the courses, candidates will get dual certification from NSDC.


New Delhi/Gurugram: SkillArbitrage, an educational technology startup, has announced 200 fully funded scholarships for people with disabilities (PWD) to take advantage of its professional development offerings.

Taking these classes will prepare students for work in the private sector at home and for freelance work abroad nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.  After successfully completing the courses, candidates will get dual certification from NSDC.

Candidates who identify as having a disability have claimed that it is difficult to get work since many companies are still hesitant to employ them despite their qualifications.

The most in-demand abilities, such as content writing, finance, compliance, startup generalist, strategic HR, artificial intelligence, accounting, and bookkeeping, are taught in the upskill courses developed by industry professionals.

Scholarship applicants must provide a valid handicap identification card or certificate issued by the government. 200 students with disabilities will be eligible to receive the scholarship on a first-come, first-served basis.

According to Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO of SkillArbitrage, “SkillArbitrage is fortunate that we have the resources today to support the PWD community.” All persons with disabilities who have applied for a scholarship from us have received full funding. Now that we’ve gotten the kinks out of the system, we’re prepared to rapidly expand the programme in the hopes that we can provide for and enable 200 bright brains launch successful careers within the next six months.

In order to make the switch from engineering to becoming a generalist and virtual assistant, Himanshu Karkhane has used his scholarship to register in the Startup Generalist and Virtual Assistant Training programme. After graduating from Mumbai’s Sardar Patel College of Engineering with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, this Aurangabad native found work with Tata Consulting Engineers. He had just been on the job for two months when he got the news that he had an autoimmune condition.

Taking charge of his professional future, he immersed himself in online education and is now establishing himself as a startup generalist and virtual assistant on a global scale.

When it comes to helping people with disabilities go forward in the legal field, LawSikho’s sibling company, LawSikho, has already launched a similar scholarship programme.

The scholarship project has already helped Muskan Anand, a recent English Hons. graduate. She put it like way: “With this course, I will be able to take up freelancing opportunities which will help me earn a little while I continue my studies.” Also fulfilling a long-held ambition, she has enrolled in law school.

The ninth grade was when I first realised that I wanted to be a lawyer. Many of my rights as a woman and a person with a disability are constantly threatened; this is why I want to go to law school and fight for justice.

She enrolled at LawSikho and learned that the importance of networking and personal branding, in addition to her legal knowledge and abilities, was paramount to her professional success. She wants to impress her contract drafting professor, so she is working hard in class.

Sachin Rathore, another awardee, is pursuing a Diploma in International Contract Negotiation, Drafting, and Enforcement with the help of the scholarship. Rathore received inspiration from his uncle who works at a big legal company in Dehradun.

He is in his last year of school at Aligarh Muslim University, where he is studying law. He enrolled in LawSikho’s course because he was interested in expanding his skill set and expanding his understanding of the law.

To ensure that people with disabilities have access to the same educational opportunities as everyone else, I applaud the organization’s work. “This will further encourage and enable people with disabilities to have the same opportunities to pursue higher education in the professional realm as everyone else,” he adds.

In an effort to replicate the success of PWD scholarships in law school, SkillArbitrage will broaden its focus to include a broader range of non-legal fields of study.

Head of Marketing at SkillArbitrage and former paralympian Vibhas Sen claims, “Many jobseekers with disabilities find remote work more suitable and convenient, but very few programmes exist for them.” Sen graduated from the Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta. Because there are so few options for students to study outside of the classroom, we decided to bring the classroom to them. The drive to pique interest and unleash potential are key to our work. By providing fully funded scholarships to students with physical impairments, we want to change the paradigm of educational access.

About SkillArbitrage

SkillArbitrage trains professionals from India and other developing countries to get international remote jobs, remote internships and freelance work from startups & SMEs in US, UK, Canada, UAE and other advanced economies, so that they can earn in dollars no matter where they live.

With more businesses around the world seeking remote workers – mainly to access a better talent pool at a fraction of the cost – it has become increasingly important to help Indians identify, prepare and pitch for these cross-border career opportunities.

SkillArbitrage courses and placement support have been especially popular with homemakers and mothers of young children; senior professionals looking for side gigs and extra income; digital nomads who want to escape the confines of their office; and those living in smaller cities who cannot move to metros to find jobs.

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