Golden Agers honours 50+ senior citizens on World Senior Citizen’s Day

According to the organization's leader, "Golden Agers" has now reached a point where its members may take some much-deserved time off to celebrate their many years of hard work.


New Delhi : Golden Agers, one of the premier travel organisations for senior citizens located in New Delhi, has planned a group vacation to Jaipur for 50+ age senior adults from Delhi and the NCR for two nights and three days to mark World’s Senior Citizen Day. Nidhi Mehra, founder and director of The Golden Agers, took advantage of this momentous occasion to present a memento to every member of the organisation.

Seniors have done what they had to do, and they did it with all they had. According to the organization’s leader, “Golden Agers” has now reached a point where its members may take some much-deserved time off to celebrate their many years of hard work.

In 1988, while Ronald Reagan was president of the United States, he established August 21 as World Senior Citizen’s Day. The purpose of this day is to call attention to the important roles that seniors play in our communities. Any Indian resident aged 60 or above is considered a senior citizen. In a broader sense, this day celebrates the successes of older people and highlights the significance of their health and happiness.

Earlier today, to commemorate World elderly Citizen’s Day, more than fifty elderly persons from Delhi and NCR, accompanied by tour captains for assistance, boarded two luxury Volvo buses. The two buses left for a 4-star hotel in Jaipur, stopping for breakfast in Gurugram on the way. Beginning the journey on a high note, the group played tambola and antakshri for their age-matched travelling companions.

After disembarking from the buses, the older citizens were instructed to freshen up and get ready to spend the day seeing the beautiful palaces of Jaipur.  Intriguing quizzes and exciting games kicked off the second day, and later that night there was dancing and DJ sets. It was a great opportunity for seniors to socialise and recharge with folks who share their interests. Everyone had a great time letting their inner kid out that night as they drank soft drinks and played games. Nidhi Mehra, the Founder and Director of Golden Agers, took the initiative to present a memento to each senior member of the group in celebration of World Senior Citizen’s Day, making for a very memorable evening.

Wednesday morning started off with “Fun n Fitness Tantra.” The seniors really enjoyed it, and it gave them a lot of joy. After this discussion, we shot some video to use in our promotional materials. Following the photo shoot, the older adults had a wonderful time by the hotel pool while listening to relaxing music. Video testimonials from attendees showed universal gratitude for the Golden Agers’ hard work.

The Golden Agers’ World’s Senior Citizen Day celebration and honour trip was a smashing success. They were able to meet other like-minded seniors, bond over shared experiences, and take home memories that would last a lifetime because of the tours’ laid-back atmosphere. In the near future, the company aspires to organize many more customized packages and travel groups for senior citizens. The company strives to become India’s best senior citizen group tour company.