Sarine launches new ‘The Diamond Journey’ traceability website

The comsumer facing website will focus on the diamond journey from mine to retail while highlighting as its sustainability impact


Surat (Gujarat) : Sarine Technologies, a world leader in diamond technology has announced the launch of The ‘Diamond Journey’ website that will trace the diamond journey from mine to retail while highlighting its sustainability impact.

The Diamond Journey website, according to Sarine, will serve as an educational resource as well as a sales tool that will help in strengthing the consumer’s trust and confidence in natural diamonds. The website was designed to display the sustainable impact each traceable diamond has on its way from its source at the mine until it reaches the consumer.

This epic journey not only traces the diamond from its rough origins deep inside the earth, but also displays the real-life stories and positive impact diamonds create along its journey to become a beautiful polished diamond. From conserving wildlife and the environment, to creating opportunities for the under privileged and to advancement of local communities, the website give a glimpse into how the diamond industry is deeply involved and commited to sustainability goals.

David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, said, “It was just over four years ago that we planted the seeds of technology-driven traceability and spearheaded the revolution of being able to track diamonds based on verifiable and independent data rather than declarations. Our innovative ‘Diamond Journey’ digital reports and interactive sales tools enable the retailer to bring to life the incredable journey of the diamonds as it is transformed from a rough diamond to an exquisite polish. I am confident that the launch of this new website will contribute in showcasing the sustainable impact that diamonds have across the globe and serve not only as an educational resource but as an engaging sales tool that will enhance the consumers trust and confidence in our ‘gem of an industry’”