Rubica India’s two-week Indo-Japan Cross Cultural Masterclass ends with delight

Kayoko Tsuchiya San opened the Masterclass by discussing the profound impact that Manga and Anime have had on contemporary Japanese society


Pune : For two weeks, RUBIKA India immersed students in the Japanese Art & Design culture through the Indo-Japan Cross Cultural Masterclass (Vol.1). The fundamental objective was to incorporate cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural learning experiences from a global perspective in order to create a genuinely global design ecosystem.

Over the course of several years, Ms. Kayoko Tsuchiya, CEO of Seekers Base, Japan, and Dr. Manoj Singh, CEO of RUBIKA India, who is in charge of RUBIKA’s overseas business development and has many accomplishments in the Indian education industry, collaborated to create this programme.

Kayoko Tsuchiya San opened the Masterclass by discussing the profound impact that Manga and Anime have had on contemporary Japanese society. Ms. Kayoko Tsuchiya, founder and chief executive officer of Seekers Base, Japan, has organised a series of global partnership summits in Japan, the United States, and India. She has spoken at numerous international conferences, covering topics such as “The new skill development in the era of A.I.” at the Envision Humanity global summit, “Modeling cross-border collaboration to bring innovation in traditional craft industry,” and more.

MasaKawamukai San gave the students an online tour of Kyoto Art University and highlighted a number of exciting and difficult opportunities now available to them there. Professor Masaaki (Masa) Kawamukai teaches in the Character Design Program at Kyoto University of the Arts. He has vast expertise teaching in the liberal arts and has worked in both Silicon Valley and Tokyo. The Kyoto Tourist Association, the Kyoto Cultural Convention Bureau, and Samsung have all benefited from his initiative. In addition, he has started IGA collaborations between the government and large corporations including Pixiv, Bandai, and Gacha, the maker of the widely used capsule toy machine.

With Masa San as their guide, the students dove headfirst into the field of Character Design. They came up with the idea for the Manga Art adaptations of Indian legendary figures. Online, Kyoto Seika University professor Yukihiro Tsujita San provided instant feedback on students’ assignments. By the end of class, the kids had created a cast of unforgettable characters. The UX/UI workshop gave the students a fresh viewpoint on the subject.

Throughout it all, Shinnosuke Uchida San inspired amazement with her ingenuity, resolve, and focus. Shinnosuke Uchida is a popular Manga live painter in Japan who has gained fans all around the world. Taking inspiration from the work of artist Katsuhiro Otomo, she has become a new icon of Japanese Pop culture and a major player in the burgeoning creator’s economy. She spent five days nonstop working on a massive canvas measuring 2.28 by 4.20 meters, with the theme “Destruction and Recreation,” bringing it to life and capturing everyone’s attention with her meticulous attention to detail.

The level of student passion, involvement, commitment, and participation was outstanding. Cosplay is a huge part of Japanese society, therefore everyone was amazed at how seriously they took part in it. They should be commended for their efforts and commitment.

For the unversed, RUBIKA is an institute of Digital Creation specializing in the fields of Video Games, 3D Animation and Industrial Design. RUBIKA consists of three pioneering schools: The School of Industrial Design – ISD, Supinfocom and Supinfogame (2001). Established in 1988 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Grand Hainaut, France, these schools have distinguished themselves by setting up a pedagogy closer to the needs of businesses. RUBIKA has campuses operational in Valenciennes (France), Montreal (Canada) and Pune (India).

RUBIKA has shaped students to become remarkable professionals in the fields of Animation, Video Game and Industrial Design. Classified as the top-rated school by ROOKIES in 2021, Rubika has been ranked 2nd best International Animation School in the World in 2019 by Animation Career Review and 1st in Video Game in France by Le Figaro since 2015. The School has won more than 150 international awards in Industrial Design. RUBIKA has over 4000 alumni spread over 50+ countries worldwide.

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