Rajkot Family Tragically Ends Lives Amid Financial Strain Due to Cancer Treatment Costs

A team led by PSI Gajendrasinh Jhala from the Paddhari police station in Rajkot made the discovery and quickly responded to the distressing scene


RAJKOT, GUJARAT : A devastating incident occurred in the Paddhari area when a couple and their young son from Rajkot’s Bhagavatipara tragically took their own lives by consuming poison. The heartbreaking choice was motivated by the immense financial strain associated with the expenses of treating blood cancer within the family.

The victims, who were found in a parked rickshaw on government land in Paddhari, have been identified as Kadarbhai Alibhai Mukasam (62), his wife Faridaben (58), and their son Asif Kadarbhai Mukasam (35). A team led by PSI Gajendrasinh Jhala from the Paddhari police station made the discovery and quickly responded to the distressing scene after receiving information about the three bodies, one of which was a woman.

The police discovered a bottle of poison and a suicide note in the rickshaw, which they confiscated as evidence for their investigation. The note clearly stated that the family had made this extreme decision because of financial difficulties and illness, making it clear that no one else was to blame for their deaths.

Additional investigations unveiled the heartbreaking specifics of the challenges faced by the Mukasam family. Faridaben had been struggling with blood cancer for a long time, which required frequent and expensive blood transfusions. The mounting medical costs had thrown the family into a state of dire financial hardship. In spite of their best efforts to handle the situation, the overwhelming financial burden became impossible to overcome.

The Mukasam family lived close to Fatima Masjid in Bhagavatipara, Rajkot. Kadarbhai and Faridaben had two children: Asif, who was single, and a daughter who was being cared for by her father-in-law. The overwhelming burden of Faridaben’s illness eventually drove the family to make the heartbreaking choice to end their lives as one.

On Tuesday night, the family decided to visit a local Dargah after their journey from Rajkot. Later, they went to the government area where they unfortunately consumed poison. The police swiftly transported the bodies to the hospital for post-mortem examinations, adhering to the standard procedures for such incidents.

Police sources highlighted the challenging situation experienced by the Mukasam family, bringing attention to the wider problem of medical costs and the significant strain they can place on households. This tragedy highlights the urgent requirement for healthcare and financial support systems that are easily accessible to families dealing with serious illnesses.