Quilon Educational consultancy is the one-stop-shop for the best admission, placement and jobs for Students

uilon Educational Consultancy is a Government of India and ISO 9001: 2015 certified consultancy


New Delhi (India) : Many Indians want to study, work, and live abroad. Many young Indians want to try something new and build a better future. Despite being born in the digital age, the student visa application process, sourcing authentic tools to speed it up, and a lot of paperwork and formalities are a major concern. This has led to the rise of foreign education consultancies like Quilon Educational Consultancy.

Quilon Educational Consultancy is a Government of India and ISO 9001: 2015 certified consultancy that provides students with the best quality and professional counselling, job assistance, and placement solutions. From providing admission guidance regarding education in every sphere representing more than 850 universities across 16 nations, it provides 365-degree assistance in university and country selection, scholarships, educational loans, application documentation, pre- departure orientations. It also assists students with aptitude testing, test preparation for IELTS and PTE, career counselling, visa services, travel assistance, and much more.

International universities are much easier to get into if students have the right guidance and financial aid. So, this Kerala-based educational consultancy provides the best advice on colleges, universities, courses, employment, and education in abroad. Thousands of students have achieved their goals and overcome application process obstacles amongst other concerns with their help.

A leading overseas education consultancy in India, Quilon provides admission services that include obtaining the right documents, obtaining a visa quickly, obtaining financial assistance from a qualified company, finding a job while and after studying abroad, etc., as well as providing guidance and general information regarding the overseas study. To avail of its services, you can visit the Kollam branch of its extensive branch network.

What’s stopping you? Get started with your study abroad journey by visiting their branch or website today.