Principal MC Shah Commerce College and Grand Academic Portal jointly organised a faculty development programme for AY 2023-24

Week-long Initiative Equips Educators with Cutting-Edge Pedagogies and Technological Insights to Enhance Academic Excellence


Ahmedabad: Principal MC Shah Commerce College, which is part of the Navgujarat Group of Colleges, in collaboration with Grand Academic Portal, recently concluded a comprehensive faculty development programme for the academic year 2023-24. The programme was aimed at fostering academic excellence among faculty members. Held from April 1-7, the week-long initiative gathered educators and experts to delve into the latest teaching methodologies, technological advancements, and the re-engineering of academic processes.

The programme, meticulously designed to address challenges in education, featured a series of insightful sessions led by industry captains from various domains. Each day of the programme was dedicated to a specific theme, ensuring a well-rounded exploration of vital topics.

The programme began with a session by Mr Shivam Tripathi, Assistant Registrar at Lakulish Yoga University. He guided participants on the nuances of selecting the right research journal. His session shed light on key considerations for publication and provided valuable insights into identifying the most suitable journals for academic contributions.

The second day began with an insightful session by Dr CA Marzun Jokhi, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce at GLS. It delved into the transformative impact of digital technology on the future of accounting. Participants learnt about the latest technological advancements in accounting, along with insights into their potential benefits and threats.

Dr Minnie Mathew, Principal of JG Commerce College, enlightened attendees on the third day about the importance of life skills for educators. Her session focused on cultivating a positive attitude among educators and fostering the same in students, nurturing holistic development within academic communities.

On the fourth day, Dr Satyajeet Deshpande from the Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, led a session on the critical analysis of the current state of the Indian economy. The speaker emphasised upon the importance of critically evaluating prevailing narratives surrounding the Indian economy.

Dr Ashish Rami, Dean of Swaminarayan University, enlightened faculty members about the significance of SWAYAM/NPTEL courses for higher education.

The programme culminated on April 6, with a visit to the Kautilya Accounting Museum at SD School of Commerce, providing participants with a detailed trivia into the historical evolution of accounting practices.

Through this collaborative endeavour, Principal MC Shah Commerce College has reaffirmed its commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and academic excellence.