OOPSROOPS Launches “Dulhan Diaries”

OOPSROOPS LLP launched the e-show DULHAN DIARIES at Pride Plaza Kolkata partnered by Senco Gold and Diamonds


New Delhi : The post-Coronavirus world is in a predicament because of the avalanche of new social media apps and the ease of digital interactions granted by a single click, which is rapidly marginalising our real-world meetings and interactions. Divorce rates have increased, especially in urban areas, due to the combined effects of social media, the stresses of modern life, and the strains of the workplace. Separation, however, is still a frightening concept for many in India. Divorce rates among couples of all ages are rising worldwide, and India is no exception.

Although there has been an increase in divorce rates, the institution of marriage has managed to thrive in India’s dynamic cultural setting. Weddings are still treated as sacred events in India, and marital ties are deeply ingrained in the culture. The creative agency OOPSROOPS LLP launched DULHAN DIARIES on March 17, 2023, at Pride Plaza Kolkata (Pride Group of Hotels), in the presence of a galaxy of eminent dignitaries with the intention of nurturing this unique connection. Actors Mithu and Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, who have been married for 37 years and are still very much in love with each other, are the picture-perfect celebrity couple. Senco Gold, and Diamonds’ Director & Head of Marketing – Design, Ms. Joita Sen, presided over the lively high tea event. Other notable people in attendance included Aniruddha Chakladar, Ms. Jugnu Ray, Dr. Sanjay Chatterjee, Mr. Sudip Sarkar, Adv. Anirban Chatterjee. Kotak Mahindra Bank was an event sponsor.

Ms. Roopsha Dasguupta, Founding Partner of OOPSROOPS, and Mr. Rahul Gupta, Senior Manager, share a vision for the company to promote positive attitudes towards mental and physical health as well as a stronger sense of community through a focus on these issues. The longevity and success of Roopsha’s Facebook Live and YouTube broadcasts, “Joy of Life” and “MOTIvate with Roopsha,” respectively, attest to her online influence. Roopsha is a veteran and well-established Radio Jockey (RJ), and she continues to captivate her digital audience with these interactive LIVE shows, all the while integrating brand content with various segments to encourage participation through great prizes and warm accolades. OOPSROOPS LLP, with offices in Mumbai and Kolkata, operates under the guiding principle of “connecting the dots” through collaboration and co-creation in order to weave lasting memories.

DULHAN DIARIES is a fresh new chapter that Roopsha has begun – not only to celebrate the effervescence of weddings but to ensure couples grow as a team to achieve every dream, together. The new digital show is all set to begin on April 7 (Friday), 2023 at 8 PM on Roopsha’s Facebook page.

The other weekly shows are:

Sunday Noon – MOTIvate 2023 with Roopsha (In Partnership with Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals, Senco Gold and Diamonds, and RG CELLULARS). Launched on Jan 1, 2021, presently in its 3rd year, Roopsha’s pledge of losing 21kgs, as the first member of the group has till now inspired and motivated 4000kgs + weight loss as a group. Created as an endeavour to uplift moods and relieve stress, now more than a thousand members are united in the virtual group with a mission of 2023kgs as a community this year. With the inspiration of “Motivators” like Doctors, Health and Fitness Professionals, and Fitness Enthusiasts, and the guidance of “Inspirers” – the torchbearers who have led the way, the members of MOTIvate2023 with Roopsha are continuously striving to create and maintain this e-family – where fitness and living fearlessly is the common goal.

Thursday, 7 PM – Joy of Life with Roopsha is the weekly dose of entertainment and happiness where an hour of many picture-perfect moments are weaved to add a dash of hope and spread smiles. The show features various weekly topics, Spot Quizzes, Cricket, Football, and IPL (Indian Premier League) excitement, Video Contests, and most importantly ‘Maa Babar Sathe’ – a segment where LIVE audiences join in with their parents/guardians to have a little conversation and win prizes.

PODCAST WITH ROOPSHA – As a seasoned RJ, Roopsha continues as a popular podcaster and her podcasts are available on iTunes and all leading platforms.

For more details, please visit – https://www.facebook.com/roopshadasguuptaray,