NutraIngredients-Asia 2023 Award Singapore Finalist: Avesthagen Teestar® Botanical Chewables

Teestar® is derived from a plant used medicinally in India and has long been included into the diet.


Bangalore : Avesthagen Limited’s Teestar® botanical chewables are a product aimed at the treatment of pre-diabetes and diabetes. Teestar® is a nutraceutical made from 100% natural, plant-based components developed by scientists. In September 2023, at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, the product will be shown as a finalist for the NutraIngredients-Asia 2023 Award.

Avesthagen’s portfolio of bioactive compounds is designed to deliver naturally occurring, scientifically verified remedies for several disease-specific health conditions including Diabetes and Cardiovascular Health, with a focus on preventative care and overall wellbeing. With observed decreases in postprandial blood glucose levels of up to 10 mg/dL, Teestar® chewables are designed to aid in the management of blood sugar levels, especially after meals. The product helps insulin work more effectively as well.

Teestar® is derived from a plant used medicinally in India and has long been included into the diet. Two chewable Teestar® tablets daily, preferably before breakfast and supper, is the suggested dose for maximum effectiveness.

After being hydrated, Teestar® produces a colloidal-type solution in the stomach and intestines, as explained by Dr. Renuka Jain, President of Avesta Nordic Research Pvt. Ltd. This causes digestion and transit through the digestive tract to slow down, which in turn reduces the amount of glucose absorbed from meals and lengthens the time it takes to feel full.

Using an environmentally friendly and safe extraction method that involves just ethanol and water, Teestar® is made in a cutting-edge manufacturing and R&D facility. Avesthagen’s exclusive fingerprinting process, MetaGrid®, ensures that each and every one of their products is of the highest possible quality.

Exhibit of Events: The Nutra Ingredient Asia Show will be held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on September 26, 2023, and Teestar® Botanical Chewables have been chosen as a finalist product to be shown there. The goal of this gathering is to draw attention to Avesthagen’s ‘Food for Medicine’ programme, which investigates the possibility of using plant-based medicines for both primary and secondary prevention of illness, as well as for the treatment of particular diseases, via the scientific validation of traditional medical knowledge and natural plant constituents.

As a natural and effective calorie modulator, Teestar® Botanical Chewables may help you maintain a healthy weight.

Litchi and Tamarind flavours of Teestar® may be purchased for Rs. 750/- each.

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About Avesthagen:

Avesthagen Limited is an international and diversified life sciences company that follows a systems-biology approach. The company is a pioneer in merging the fields of food, pharmaceuticals, and population genetics to create innovative products and therapies. Avesthagen’s focus lies in bringing its developed products and technologies to the market, with a particular emphasis on Nutrigenomics, Agriculture, and Precision Medicine. They utilize their proprietary Predictive, Preventive, and Personalized (“PPP”) healthcare platform to achieve these goals.