BullSmart presents its first-ever Delhi NCR financial influencer gathering

BullSmart's mission is to become the go-to social investing platform for all investors, no matter where they are in their financial path or how much risk they are willing to take.


Bangalore : The ‘BullSmart Creator Meetup 2023’ was held in Delhi NCR and was organised by BullSmart, a fintech firm located in Bengaluru (Bangalore). The goal of the gathering was to help the increasing group of content producers and influencers that contribute to the financial platform get along better with one another. The authors intended for the site to serve as a financial literacy resource for its readers while also promoting specific aspects of BullSmart and serving as a conduit for corporate news.

BullSmart’s mission is to become the go-to social investing platform for all investors, no matter where they are in their financial path or how much risk they are willing to take. Currently, the company’s software is geared at assisting young investors in making sound financial choices and investing in mutual funds according with their own life objectives. BullSmart’s main goal is to help its users make friends for life in their local communities. Over 150 prominent figures in the financial and economics industries have joined forces with the BullSmart community to provide real-time insights on market movements and investment recommendations. Through its platform, the firm intends to facilitate communication and investments between regular people, asset management companies (AMCs), and experts.

Over 35 AMCs have signed up for BullSmart accounts, where they may broadcast live and share analytical reports, product details, investment-related instructional material, and more with the wider community.

When asked about the significance of the event, BullSmart CEO and co-founder Ankita Das remarked, “The ‘Bullsmart Creator Meetup’ was an important event for us to better engage with our influencers who create awareness of our brand among their subscriber bases. Building stronger relationships with our creative pool of artists that develop relevant and relatable content helps us achieve our objective of making investing simple and transparent. Like appreciation, your attendance at our creator’s meeting greatly enriched the tapestry of financial knowledge we are weaving, and for the creators, gratitude is the currency of relationships. Thanks to you, our conversations have been deepened and new avenues for success have been uncovered.

A key influencer in attendance, Neha Gupta, reflected on her time there, saying, “The creators meetup organised by BullSmart was truly remarkable.” After the event, I felt like a part of a thriving network of artists. Because of our influence, we can help spread the word about BullSmart’s mission to make financial planning and management accessible to everyone in India. BullSmart and its creators, including myself, should work together to improve the environment for young people’s financial investing and planning, if that’s at all possible. I’m thrilled to be a part of BullSmart’s future, and I can’t wait to see the great things company does.

BullSmart’s ‘Stellar Seeker Programme’ is an effort to maintain and expand its good connection with influential people and its recruiting strategy. The purpose of this initiative is to raise consciousness about the need of beginning the process of financial and investment planning.

The event marked a momentous first step towards helping influencers relate better to the brand and acquainting them with current trends related to the role of social media and financial decision-making among millennials and Gen Z in India. If you are interested in ‘Stellar Seeker Program’, please contact us for more information at Creator@bullsmart.in.