Nilesh Patil pioneered live practical trading programme in India

He recently finished 100 Live Practical Trading Sessions, making him the only person in India, Asia, or the world to do so.


Mumbai : Every seasoned trader agrees on one thing: learning theories and strategies is useless without practise and a strong psychological foundation. In the same vein, every other stock market course or programme out there teaches you nothing more than the 5% of theories and strategies that anyone can find with a quick Google search, while ignoring the 95% of trading success attributable to sound psychological preparation. In order to alter this, Mr. Nilesh Patil launched the Live Practical Trading Program. He recently finished 100 Live Practical Trading Sessions, making him the only person in India, Asia, or the world to do so.

In response to our interviewer’s questions about what inspired him to create and how he put the plan into action, he said, “I’ve been trading for ten years and mentoring a small group of people for the past five years. When covid took off, I saw that everyone was suddenly interested in the stock market, which is great. However, some people capitalised on this newfound interest by charging exorbitant fees for training or advisory services. Many inexperienced traders suffered devastating financial or even fatal losses as a result. Then I realised that if I could do anything to help people, I would do it in the hopes that it would show them how terrifying the trading world can be if not done properly, and how they can earn more than their daily wages by sticking to some basic trading rules.

Regarding your second query, the answer was straightforward: I am a trader, not a trainer. Since I am most successful when I am trading and making money for others, I decided to teach others how to do the same through our programme. Stop chasing theories and strategies and start trading with psychology and discipline, and trading will become a reliable source of income for you.”

More about Mr. Nilesh Patil, he is a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) who has used his psychological practice in trading to make money for himself and his company, which is worth $15 Mn (150Cr INR) as of today.

He knows he can’t reach every person through his Live Practical Trading Program. Hence he shares his live trading videos on his YouTube channel daily for free, so everyone can be benefited from them. You can check his YouTube channel, Nilesh Patil | Share Market or follow him on other social media handles.