Meet Rajdev Tiwari, founder of

Rajdev Tiwari also understood the need and importance of Performance marketing in the fast-growing modern world.


New Delhi : Young innovators like Rajdev Tiwari are shaking things up in the world of performance marketing. Performance marketer Rajdev Tiwari has founded the digital company ‘BigRocker‘, which, thanks to Tiwari’s digital strategies, has quickly risen to prominence and is poised to become one of the largest digital business companies in the world in the near future. He has worked in a variety of fields, including the Internet and digital technology, and his customers’ online presences have grown substantially as a result, which has increased their brand awareness and value.

After learning the ins and outs of the online world, Rajdev Tiwari, then just 28 years old and a student at SYMBIOSIS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY’s B.Tech (hons) in CSE in AI & ML program, soon founded his own IT company called BigRocker. His reputation as a leading expert in the field of performance-based digital marketing continues to grow, and his firm, BigRocker, has been instrumental in the expansion of a wide variety of businesses thanks to its laser-focused approach. Rajdev Tiwari began his entrepreneurial journey as a typical Performance marketer and has since risen to become India’s preeminent Performance marketer and consultant.

Rajdev Tiwari’s expertise and technique caused a stir in the Performance industry. The digital market is the fastest expanding industry in the current global economy. Its global reach has facilitated business even more.With its exceptional talents and distinctive approach to work, Rajdev Tiwari is making a name for itself in the digital world. He’s made a career out of doing what he loves: performing technological miracles.

Rajdev Tiwari is not only an expert on the digital market, but has also become the world’s leading digital entrepreneur thanks to his company, BigRocker. They have collaborated to help business owners streamline their processes with the knowledge and expertise they have gained. In addition to his expertise in the Performance market, he also has a solid reputation in the fields of advertising, branding, and website design. In today’s ever-evolving world, Rajdev Tiwari, too, saw the value of Performance marketing. He also thought it was important to give back to the community so that those in need could receive aid. As a result of their significant contributions to the digital world and national development, young entrepreneurs have become role models for today’s youth.