Mastermind Behind India’s Fastest Growing PR agency- Storybizz by Atelierish Media

In just 10 months, StoryBizz by Atelierish Media team has ballooned from a mere 2 people to 30, and their revenue has skyrocketed by a staggering 100 times


NEW DELHI : India’s startup scene is booming. It is seeing a meteoric rise as the world’s 3rd largest startup ecosystem. Young entrepreneurs are at the forefront of this exciting growth. Anupal Chakraborty is one such name making waves in the PR world with his company, StoryBizz by Atelierish Media.

Driven by a desire to build a secure future for his family and those who believed in him, Anupal Chakraborty wasn’t your typical graduate. Instead of waiting for the traditional job search, he and a friend embarked on an ambitious mission right out of school. Hitting the streets near their campus, they turned entrepreneurs, offering local businesses the cutting edge of digital marketing services. And their hustle paid off – they landed their very first client right there, on the spot.

Anupal recognized the potential of the Indian startup ecosystem early on. His own entrepreneurial journey began at 18, starting with freelancing. This experience fueled his passion for the field, leading him to co-found Atelierish, a successful performance marketing firm that has catered to a global clientele serving brands from the UK, US, and Dubai.

In just 10 months, his startup StoryBizz by Atelierish Media team has ballooned from a mere 2 people to 30, and their revenue has skyrocketed by a staggering 100 times. StoryBizz by Atelierish Media is the latest chapter in Anupal’s story. The company’s growth has been nothing short of phenomenal.

India’s business scene is undergoing a transformation driven by the dynamic duo of digital marketing and PR. Anupal attributes his success to his deep understanding of digital marketing and the power of teamwork. He believes that a good idea is only the beginning – consistent hard work and a strong team are essential for achieving long-term success. This philosophy is reflected in StoryBizz’s impressive client base, serving over 100 clients and generating over 400 leads every month.

A success story is more than just impressive numbers. It’s a symbol of the power of dedication and the importance of practical skills. Anupal’s message for aspiring entrepreneurs is clear. He says.”Ideas are important, but execution is key. Building a strong team and fostering a collaborative environment are crucial factors in achieving your goals.”

StoryBizz by Atelierish Media serves as an inspiration to young people across India. As the country’s startup scene continues to flourish, companies like StoryBizz will play a vital role in helping these innovative businesses reach their full potential.