Mastering the Market: Sourabh Sisodiya’s Winning Strategies and Innovative Approaches

Sourabh Sisodiya, a dedicated trader, provides a glimpse into the life of a trader, highlighting the excitement and commitment required to thrive in this ever-changing industry.


New Delhi: Sourabh Sisodiya’s passion for trading has been with him since childhood and continues to drive his daily routine with enthusiasm. Trading always feels like a fun activity to him, and even when he experiences losses, he takes it in stride and finds humour in the situation. Sourabh finds the market’s constantly evolving nature fascinating, as it presents new challenges and opportunities every day.

Sourabh’s day starts with a refreshing cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast, preparing him for the exciting day ahead. He enjoys a quick commute to the office and stays informed on the latest Wall Street and Asian market news, carefully monitoring macro and stock-specific events that could positively impact his investments.

The pre-opening session is an exciting start to the trading day! Sourabh is an index trader who uses his proprietary intraday theta eating strategy, affectionately named “Snorlax,” to analyse the Bank Nifty. Sourabh’s strategy, based on historical data and intraday patterns, allows for the creation of advantageous delta positions and the implementation of effective stop-loss measures.

Once the market opens, Sourabh diligently keeps an eye on the market using his effective momentum-based system called “Velocity.” This system has the potential to generate signals for automated trades based on momentum and intraday trading patterns, which could lead to profitable outcomes in the liquid F&O universe.

During midday, when market activity tends to slow down, Sourabh takes the opportunity to connect with fellow traders at TheTradeRoom, sharing insights and discussing ongoing positions. He collaborates with the Quant team, which is an exciting opportunity to explore innovative approaches such as machine learning models using CNN, and backtest trading strategies.

He gets the opportunity to share his views on the markets and top stock picks live on TV on ET Now Swadesh, a Times Group Company.

Lunchtime provides a great opportunity to take a break and analyse the market cues from the European openings. Sourabh is able to enjoy a meal with his colleagues, building camaraderie and team spirit, knowing that the risk team has contingency plans in place.

Returning to his trading desk, Sourabh confidently evaluates his positions and relies on Snorlax and Velocity to successfully capitalise on intraday moves. He is always working hard to improve his trading systems and finds exciting potential trades based on momentum and top gainers for the day. He collaborates with his team to come up with effective hedging strategies.

As the trading day comes to a close, Sourabh successfully closes all intraday trades, carefully reviews portfolio risk to prepare for potential market gaps the following day, and proactively identifies opportunities for improvement and system optimisation.

Sourabh makes sure to prioritise his physical health and family time by dedicating his evenings to exercise at the gym and spending quality time with his loved ones after market hours. As a lifelong learner, he is constantly expanding his knowledge and skill set by immersing himself in reading about quantitative finance, risk management, and psychology.

Before bedtime, Sourabh enjoys pursuing his passion of playing poker online. By applying the principles of patience and strategic decision-making from poker to trading, he is improving his trading skills and increasing his chances of success.

Sourabh values work-life balance and makes sure to prioritise it even on weekends. He is doing a great job of building strong relationships with his team by organising fun outdoor activities, which is helping to boost their team spirit and camaraderie beyond the office.

Sourabh Sisodiya’s daily routine showcases the qualities of dedication, adaptability, and continuous learning that are essential for a thriving trader. He is an inspiration to traders and aspiring professionals alike due to his passion for the industry and unwavering commitment to improvement.