Lok Sabha Elections Gujarat : Over Rs. 96 Crore Worth of Illegal Items Seized

The ongoing Lok Sabha elections in Gujarat have witnessed a concerted effort to uphold the integrity of the electoral process.


Gandhinagar : Since the announcement of Lok Sabha elections in Gujarat on March 16, a robust effort has been underway to ensure fair and transparent electoral processes. With the formation of flying squads and surveillance teams, authorities have intensified their monitoring of election expenses and adherence to the code of conduct. As a result, significant seizures of illegal items and removal of non-compliant banners and posters have been reported across the state.

The ongoing Lok Sabha elections in Gujarat have witnessed a concerted effort to uphold the integrity of the electoral process. From the deployment of flying squads to the establishment of surveillance teams, authorities have been vigilant in monitoring election-related activities to prevent malpractices and ensure compliance with regulations.

Since the initiation of election monitoring measures, a total of 756 flying squads and 1203 static surveillance teams have been raised to oversee the control and monitoring of election expenses. Their diligent efforts have resulted in the seizure of illegal and prohibited items valued at over Rs. 96.45 crore. These items, ranging from liquor to jewellery and drugs, pose a threat to the fairness and transparency of the electoral process.

In addition to seizing illegal items, authorities have been actively enforcing the code of conduct by removing unauthorized banners, posters, and hoardings. A staggering 2,26,254 such violations have been addressed thus far, with 1,65,382 removed from government properties and 60,872 from private properties. This concerted effort aims to maintain the sanctity of public spaces and prevent undue influence on voters.

Despite proactive measures, election-related complaints have surfaced, totaling 12,429. These complaints encompass various issues, including violations reported through the Central’s C-Vigil Mobile App, the National Grievance Services Portal, voter lists, and voter slips.

Furthermore, complaints received from political parties and other sources, including email submissions, highlight the diverse challenges encountered during the electoral process. Through collaborative efforts and swift action, authorities are committed to addressing these concerns and ensuring a fair and transparent election in Gujarat.

As the election process unfolds, stakeholders remain vigilant in upholding democratic principles and safeguarding the electoral integrity of the state.