Lok Sabha Elections : Congress Candidate Geniben Thakor Launches Political Crowd funding Drive in Banaskantha

Geniben Thakor, a prominent figure in Gujarat politics, has adopted an unconventional approach in her bid for the Banaskantha Lok Sabha Elections


Banaskantha : Geniben Thakor, the Congress candidate vying for the Banaskantha Lok Sabha seat, has initiated a unique political crowdfunding campaign ahead of the upcoming elections. Known for her impassioned rhetoric in Gujarat, Geniben is urging constituents to contribute a minimum of Rs. 11 towards her nomination deposit, leveraging social media platforms to publicize her QR code for donations.

Geniben Thakor, a prominent figure in Gujarat politics, has adopted an unconventional approach in her bid for the Banaskantha Lok Sabha seat by turning to political crowdfunding. With a fervent call to action, she is rallying support from the people of her constituency, requesting contributions above Rs. 11 to cover the deposit required for filing her nomination papers.

Through her active presence on social media, Geniben has shared her QR code, inviting individuals to participate in financing her electoral campaign. This grassroots fundraising initiative has garnered significant attention in the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections, with Geniben’s QR code emerging as a topic of discussion across the region.

Emphasizing the significance of the Rs. 11 donation, referred to as ‘Chandla,’ Geniben is symbolically aligning herself with the grassroots supporters of Banaskantha. By pledging to contest the election solely with contributions from her constituents, she underscores her commitment to representing their interests in the political arena.

In veiled remarks aimed at Gujarat Assembly speaker Shankar Chaudhary, Geniben has condemned the influence of outsiders in the region, advocating for local empowerment and self-governance. Asserting that the election transcends the mere selection of a Banaskantha MP, she envisions a future where the constituency achieves self-sufficiency and autonomy.

Echoing Geniben’s sentiments, Congress MLA Ganiben Thakor echoes the call for regional autonomy, highlighting the need to break free from external dominance and establish decentralized governance. Geniben reaffirms her allegiance to the principles of democracy and justice, pledging to uphold the interests of the people above all else.

With unwavering determination, Geniben asserts her faith in the democratic process, invoking the spirit of Ganpati Dada and Hanuman Dada as symbols of righteousness and integrity. She rejects the influence of nefarious elements, vowing to champion the cause of her constituents with unwavering support.