Lok Sabha Elections 2024 : Parshottam Rupala may withdraw from Rajkot Lok Sabha seat due to Kshatriya controversy

The uncertainty surrounding Parshottam Rupala's candidature reflects the growing discontent within the Kshatriya community and the potential repercussions it may have on the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2024


Surat : Speculations abound in Rajkot as murmurs suggest that Parshottam Rupala, the union minister facing staunch opposition from the Kshatriya community due to his contentious remarks, may be urged to withdraw his candidature from the Rajkot Lok Sabha seat. Emerging as a potential replacement is Mohan Kundariya, a prominent BJP leader in Rajkot and former Union MoS for Agriculture, who is the sitting MP from Rajkot and previously served as an MLA from Tankaria in Rajkot.

However, the Rajkot BJP leaders have refuted the claims and put to rest all speculations stating that these are rumours.

Addressing a press conference in Rajkot on Monday, Rupala said, “I have apologized to Kshatriya community twice. If still they are protesting, then let the BJP And the community decide on the future course of action”

Raju Dhruv, spokesperson of the Rajkot BJP, dismissed these rumors, asserting they hold no local legitimacy. Dhruv firmly denied any speculation regarding Mohan Kundariya potentially replacing Rupala on the Rajkot seat, emphasizing that Rupala is actively engaging with BJP leaders in Rajkot.

Backing Dhruv’s stance, another BJP leader, Ram Mokaria, reiterated that the circulating rumors lack substance.

The controversy surrounding Rupala escalated following his attempt to offer a public apology in the presence of Kshatriya leaders under the leadership of Rajendrasinh Jadeja. However, the gesture faced opposition from the Karni Sena, which criticized Rupala’s apology for not including all factions of the Kshatriya community.

The uncertainty surrounding Rupala’s candidature reflects the growing discontent within the Kshatriya community and the potential repercussions it may have on the upcoming elections. As Rupala navigates through the challenges posed by internal dissent, the political landscape in Rajkot remains dynamic.

The speculation regarding Kundariya’s potential candidacy adds another layer of intrigue to the unfolding political drama. With his credentials as a former Union MoS for Agriculture and a seasoned politician with local roots, Kundariya emerges as a viable alternative amidst the uncertainty surrounding Rupala’s candidacy.

As the BJP grapples with internal tensions and strives to maintain unity ahead of the elections, the fate of the Rajkot Lok Sabha seat hangs in the balance. Whether Rupala retains his candidacy or if Kundariya emerges as the frontrunner, the ensuing developments are poised to shape the political trajectory of Rajkot in the coming days.