Livnsense and Soynet Form Joint Gtm Partnership to Accelerate Ai-Vision Based Technology for Manufacturing Industry

LivNSense has been raising the bar for ESG through our Award-Winning AI Platform - GreenOps, resulting in safer and more sustainable workplaces


New Delhi (India): LivNSenseTM is pleased to announce its strategic Joint Go to Market partnership with SOYNET Co Ltd (Korea) to address the needs of the manufacturing industry in South Korea and Global Markets. LivNSense has been raising the bar for ESG through our Award-Winning AI Platform – GreenOps, resulting in safer and more sustainable workplaces. The collaboration accelerates the application of optimised AI-Vision-based technology to address the challenges of the Manufacturing industry. The innovation combines Edge-AI, Digital Twins, and Machine Vision technologies to transform the manufacturing industry into a safe and sustainable environment.

“We are very excited to partner with SOYNET to enable comprehensive AI-Vision technology of Future offerings for the Manufacturing industry,” stated Avnish Kumar, CEO of LivNSense. The product is a distributed edge and cloud-based Computer Vision/AI solution for improving visibility, safety, and sustainability in both hazardous and normal environments. It is a real-time vision-based solution that can be extended to advanced analytics and AI models using a self-learning automated approach. Soynet will also optimise our product to reduce the Carbon Footprint and improve the overall Carbon Offset for the GreenOps use cases. It is already in production with a leading manufacturing company in North America and India, and it is now expanding to users in South Korea.

“We have always envisioned assisting and creating an ecosystem that can leverage SoyNet’s potential to deploy real-time AI,” said Jung Woo Park, COO SOYNET. So much research goes into learning; however, when the AI models are deployed, they do not perform quickly enough and consume a large amount of memory. We want to help SMBs and Enterprises accelerate their AI models while saving them a lot of money on GPUs. Our collaboration with LivNsense will result in better products for various industries as well as cost savings of up to three times for cloud deployment. We are thrilled to have LivNsense on board to help us expand this ecosystem in Asia, the United States, and globally.”

LivNSense Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

LivNSenseTM is an Industrial Green-AI venture based in India, with a global presence in the United States and Asia, and in strategic collaboration with leading IoT ecosystem partners. LivNSense focuses on innovation with a’safety first’ approach with the key goal of making the production environment safer and sustainable with a Profit Maximization approach that can be economically viable (maximising profitability with a key focus on Industrial Resources Efficiency and GHG carbon reduction) through its flagship digital twin’s platform, GreenOpsTM. The product is already in use across 10+ Fortune 500 customers in North America and India, delivering up to 10% GHG intensity reductions and a 20-25% RoI in Year 1.

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SOYNET Information

SOYNET, founded in South Korea in 2018, is a software-based inference accelerator developer. Our proprietary solution, SoyNet, optimises deep learning models. We’ve also launched Model Market, the first marketplace for SoyNet-optimized models. These deep learning models are on average 6 times faster and use approximately 3 times less memory than public frameworks such as TensorFlow, Pytorch, and TensorRT. SoyNet uses NVIDIA’s SDK to ensure that optimised models use significantly less GPU memory, allowing you to run multiple models on a lower-end GPU. Skynet’s optimised models are delivered in a bin folder/Docker file that can be quickly executed and deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or on edge devices. The optimised models can be easily integrated with C++, Java, or Python applications using the 5-step API process.

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The Joint Partnership’s Primary Focus Area

Accelerate Manufacturing Industry with AI-VISION Based Technology

Reduce Carbon Emissions for Industry’s Future-Readiness Optimize Products with Zero Carbon Footprint to Enable Net Zero