Liladhar Pasoo’s warehousing arm, LP Logiscience, becomes the preferred partner for top specialty chemical brands

Becomes the largest storage partner for Paint and Allied industry in Western India


Mumbai : With 60,000 metric tonnes of storage for top brands in the specialty chemicals industry, LP Logiscience, the warehousing and contract logistics arm of the 100-year-old legacy brand Liladhar Pasoo, has become one of the leading storage partners of choice. LP Logiscience is one of the largest warehousing partners for the paint and allied industries in western India, serving a wide range of clients in the Paints, Lubricants & additives, Raw materials for food and pharma, industrial chemicals, paint and coating industry, laboratory chemicals, packaging & adhesive, and fertilisers & pesticides industries.

LP Logiscience, part of the illustrious Liladhar Pasoo group, has been in the warehousing and transportation business for ten years; it currently manages three million square feet of warehouse space in Grade A complaint facilities and can reach more than seven thousand distribution pin codes across India. LP Logiscience has shown remarkable development since its inception, expanding by 20% to 25% annually. Mr. Varun Gada, Director of LP Logiscience, commented on the company’s recent success and future expansion. LP Logiscience has committed itself to following the stringent protocols, practices, and documentation necessary to ensure safety and compliance with the regulations governing the handling of a wide range of Specialty Chemicals. Our multi-client facilities provide cutting-edge compliance and safety infrastructure in the warehouse, backed by a robust tech-enabled operation. The Paints and Allied Industries in Western India have come to rely on us as their primary storage partner thanks to our unwavering dedication to efficiency and quality service. Asian Paints, one of our prestigious clients, has recently honoured us with the Asian Paints Suraksha Sarvopari Safety Campaign 2022-23 for our dedication to a safe and secure workplace. We value our clients’ trust and are humbled by the longevity of our working relationship with them.

Using solar power for operations and rainwater harvesting as examples, LP Logiscience has been actively promoting the integration of technology and the adoption of green practises. Use of compressed natural gas vehicles for final-mile deliveries is organised to cut down on carbon emissions via eco-friendly modes of transport. LP Logiscience has developed a number of industry-specific solutions and customised solutions for its operations in addition to the standard WMS features of accurate inventory, inventory visibility, traceability, and location management. In addition, all of their warehouses are linked to the cloud, complete with mobile terminals used for all warehouse operations.

With a strong business model supported by an IT backbone, LP Logisciece warehouses offer customisation and flexibility where clients can continue to enjoy superior services while only paying for the storage volume and throughput, which has now become the natural extension of LP Logiscience’s business model. Over the next 5 years, LP Logiscience aims to further accelerate digital adoption, expand the geographical reach and build state-of-the-art warehousing facilities across the country, keeping in mind a growth target of CAGR 30%.

About LP Logiscience – a Liladhar Pasoo Company:

LP Logiscience, the contract logistics division of the 100-year-old legacy brand Liladhar Pasoo, has been driving the transformation of the warehousing sector in India since its inception a decade ago. Apart from its scientific approach to specialised storage and warehouse management, LP Logiscience is also one of the leading Indian players to adopt smart tech-enabled operations and focus on building carbon-neutral/ sustainable warehouses in India.

Liladhar Pasoo, its parent legacy brand, has shaped the logistics sector since its inception in 1919 and since then has emerged as India’s most experienced integrated logistics and supply chain solutions provider. Following in its footsteps, LP Logiscience has grown its warehousing and transportation business to 3 million sq. ft of storage space and a reach of 7000 distribution pin codes PAN India within 11 years of inception. Today, LP Logiscience has brought about revolutionary changes in the contract logistics business to gain one of the highest market shares in the warehousing business to service the niche specialty chemical market. They have a footprint of 20 locations all over India.