Law Legends: India’s First Hindi Video App Simplifying Income Tax and GST Acts

Many young people in India claim that Law Legends is the first app of its kind in the country.


Indore: CA Anmol Bohra and CA Vikram Tongya, both of Indore, are Chartered Accountants who have created a revolutionary programme called Law Legends. This ground-breaking programme uses a video collection to demystify India’s convoluted Income Tax and Goods and Services Tax (GST) Acts. approximately the course of a year, the two young professionals and their team of 30 specialists translated approximately 1,000 parts and 100 subsections of these statutes into simple Hindi videos.

Many young people in India claim that Law Legends is the first app of its kind in the country. Realising that these statutes affect almost every American in some way, the two set out to simplify the language of the law for the average person. Because the laws are written mostly in English, many people have found it difficult to follow them.

The primary goal of Law Legends is to simplify the wording of these statutes so that everyone may understand them. It was crucial that the general public be able to understand the legislation, thus CA Anmol Bohra emphasised that they had taken special efforts to use simpler language. In addition, the app guarantees that experts always have instant access to the latest revisions by storing them in the app itself. Professionals may save time and ensure they are in accordance with current regulations by using this function.

The app does more than just keep you informed. It lends a hand to the average person by demystifying the complex processes entailed by these statutes. Individuals may find the video collection useful since it provides comprehensive coverage of all Income Tax and GST-related forms. Experts on both legislation are available in the Law Legends app to clear up any confusion users may have. When compared to other legal applications, Law Legends stands out because to its innovative blend of information, compliance support, and advising aid.

The features available on Law Legends are extensive. It provides information on the Income Tax Act and the Goods and Services Tax Act, including notifications, circulars, advisories, guidelines, notes, and orders. There are additional Hindi-language versions of the app’s advance decisions for the states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh. More than a thousand videos break down the Acts into its component parts, while others provide straightforward guides to filling out different Income Tax and GST-related forms. In addition, there are more than 50 articles, more than 20 copies of Allied Acts, more than 50 process videos for daily usage, and more than 50 draught reply types for Income Tax and GST, including deeds and agreements, all available inside the app. The software also has a built-in query solution tool to help users find answers to their questions.

The availability of legal resources in India has been greatly improved because to Law Legends. The software helps users confidently navigate the complexities of the Income Tax and GST Acts by breaking down the legislation into clearly understood videos. It helps professionals save time and provides the essential assistance to guarantee compliance, in addition to providing vital information. Law Legends’ groundbreaking set of capabilities will revolutionise the way legal resources are shared.