‘Kharaashon Ka Guldasta’ song by Faridoon Shahryar released on Youtube

It is a tribute to his late father, Akhlaq Mohammad Khan, affectionately called Shahryar Sahab

Mumbai :  Faridoon Shahryar, renowned tv host, film critic, author, and great poet, pays tribute to his late father, Akhlaq Mohammad Khan, affectionately called Shahryar Sahab, by performing one of his last nazms, “Kharaashon Ka Guldasta.” https://youtu.be/8lhXDsNMWjI

With anguish and passion, Faridoon depicts the feelings of someone struggling with unrequited love in this heartbreaking musical. He demonstrates his vocal ability by gradually building from a calm introduction to a climactic coda. Faridoon commented, “The nazm Kharaashon Ka Guldasta by Abba is quite sophisticated,” when asked about the complexity of the music in the musical. The depth and complexity of its significance bewildered me. This Nazm that Afzal has aesthetically depicted astounds me. The images are beautifully capturing the underlying message of the lyrics. Actress Iram Badar Khan from Shiksha Mandal and musician Harshit Anurag are featured on the single. Upon being asked about his experience, Afzal said, “In 2012 almost a decade ago I had the opportunity to meet Shahryar Sahab, I had gone there with a letter of Intent and some hope that the fates would align and I would be able to direct a film with him. Shahryar sahab, being the kind and generous man that he was, signed it right away; sadly, he passed away soon after. To have my great buddy Faridoon Shahryar ask me to direct this gorgeous tune, which just so happened to be a nazm by Shahryar Sahab, was like a dream come true; I guess life has its own ways of making your desires come true.

The song is the first offering from the record label 3rd Pole Originals, founded by the brother-sister duo of Syed Ahmad Afzal and Anjala Jamal. The musical is a beautiful amalgamation of love and longing and has been shot at multiple picturesque locations in the hills of Maharashtra. From its sunset shot to capturing the enthralling blue sky amid the hills, every scene of the song is a vision to behold at.