ITC Narmada Brings the Flavours of Karnataka to Ahmedabad with ‘Karnataka Sojourn’

Karnataka Sojourn by ITC Narmada is a true celebration of Karnataka's rich culinary heritage and one of India's oldest surviving culinary traditions


AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT : ITC Narmada, a luxury collection hotel in Ahmedabad, has announced ‘Karnataka Sojourn’, a culinary festival that promises to transport guests to the southern Indian state of Karnataka through its flavours. The food festival with a specially curated menu will be held over dinner at Adalaj Pavilion, ITC Narmada’s signature all-day diner, from May 24 to June 2.

Karnataka Sojourn is a true celebration of Karnataka’s rich culinary heritage. Known as one of India’s oldest surviving culinary traditions, Karnataka’s cuisine blends unique flavours and ingredients, through meticulous cooking techniques which draw inspiration from its neighbouring states of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra. The festival will showcase the varied and rich tapestry of Karnataka’s epicurean history, bringing a feast to the guests’ senses with every preparation.

Visiting Chef Siddha Raju of ITC Windsor, Bengaluru, has travelled specially to create this carefully curated a menu that brings to ITC Narmada’s patrons, the best of diverse regional cuisines of Karnataka. The specially crafted dishes bring in hints and flavours from northern and southern Karnataka where culinary preparations are inspired by Kodava, Saraswat Mangalorean, Mangalorean Catholic and Navayath Muslim Communities.

The menu features an array of signature dishes reflecting the essence of Karnataka’s cuisine. Some of these include Karnataka Kochi Donne Biryani, a fragrant rice dish that is a staple in Karnataka and known for its unique spices and flavours and Meen Gassi, a traditional fish curry that combines fresh fish with a blend of aromatic spices and coconut, typical of Mangalorean cuisine.

The menu also includes Masala Chops, tender lamb chops marinated in a rich blend of spices; Soppy Saru, a nutritiously delicious combination of spinach and lentils, representing some wholesome vegetarian offerings from the region; Tarkari Pulao, a mixed vegetable rice preparation that embodies the essence of comfort food of Karnataka and Maddur Vada, a crispy, savoury fritter that is a popular snack from the town of Maddur, known for its distinct taste and texture.

“At ITC Narmada, we take pride in India’s unique culinary heritage and strive to honour and promote it through our hospitality offerings. The Karnataka Sojourn is our humble attempt at bringing the rich flavours and distinct textures from the diverse culinary palette of Karnataka for the people of Ahmedabad. Each dish has been crafted with care, using authentic ingredients and traditional cooking techniques so that our guests experience the true taste of Karnataka. We hope to serve our patrons with our unique culinary offerings,” said Keenan McKenzie, general manager, ITC Narmada.