Influencer Partha Khanolkar’s Motivate the Youth awareness programme awarded one of the best on international level



New Delhi : Partha Khanolkar, a well-known businessman and influencer, organized an awareness program that was dedicated to helping the youth deal with challenges of the modern world and overcome them. The campaign ’Motivate the youth’ was later awarded as the best driven campaign internationally. Many students around the world joined this campaign which helped them to understand self-belief, determination and to set goals.

The campaign was focused on helping students and young working professionals understand the vibrancy of life and bringing constant changes in their personal and professional lives to overcome challenges. Partha during the campaign quotes, “The young generation is the future of the world, so helping them understand what is important in life, is crucial. Amid the pandemic, the world has seen an immense drop in mental health that has affected the youth the most. Therefore, it is important to constantly motivate them for the ambitions and goals they have set out to achieve and to keep on working on them”.

Partha himself is a young, hard-working and dynamic entrepreneur who spends his time grooming his professional and personal life. He is well known for his luxurious lifestyle as he believes that the path to success lies in evolution. He is immensely passionate about his huge line up of luxury and sports cars. He is fond of collecting the rarest cars in the world. Along with cars, he is also fond of collecting sneakers and watches. He has an amazing reach on Instagram and many followers eagerly wait for him to post glimpses of his awe- inspiring collections.

He has surely achieved a lot at such a young age and that itself is very gratifying to watch. He has been part of many campaigns that help the youth understand the importance of mental and physical health and well being and various ways to overcome periods of anxiety and depression and lead a confident and a self assured life. Partha also works with various charities and always comes forward to help people in need. During the covid pandemic, he helped many people by providing them with food, medicines and other amenities.

With this campaign, he wanted to target the young generations around the world, to impart on them the advantages of leading goal oriented and satisfying life. During the conversation, he added, “I have really worked hard to be here, and the main factors that helped me reach are discipline and evolution. Today, the youth are smart and have creative minds but somewhere they lack determination and motivation. So, I help them acknowledge all their fears and failures and encourage them to focus on important things in their life.” In the future he has plans to host various programmes to bring together more and more young adults and act as a catalyst in helping make a better tomorrow for them.