In September, AbacusMaster Will Host Online International Abacus Olympiad

Get ready to be amazed as people from all around the world gather to show off their prowess with the abacus. Their ability to swiftly and precisely do complex computations will be on display in this competition. Get ready for the pinnacle display of quick thinking and acuity with numbers.


New Delhi : AbacusMaster has declared their comeback with the biggest show in abacus education: the 10th International Abacus Olympiad (IAO) 2023. Wizycom AbacusMaster has a proven track record of organising the famous International Abacus Olympiad (IAO) for over a decade. In the three days beginning on September 15th, you will see a numerical extravaganza that has never been seen before.

Get ready to be amazed as people from all around the world gather to show off their prowess with the abacus. Their ability to swiftly and precisely do complex computations will be on display in this competition. Get ready for the pinnacle display of quick thinking and acuity with numbers.

The ability to excel in mathematics is very remarkable. AbacusMaster provides this chance by hosting the International Abacus Olympiad in an online setting. As a result of this competition’s growth and influence, AbacusMaster is now widely acknowledged as the creator and organiser of not just the IAO but other events like the SpellBytes International Olympiad and others like it.

The technological foundation of today’s world is irreversible. People are used to learning platforms that include technology, and AbacusMaster is consistently one step ahead of the competition. How? Read on! Learners from anywhere in the globe may take part in the Olympiad thanks to IAO, a fully online abacus software. The Incredible Arithmetic Odyssey is more than just a competition; it’s a celebration of mathematics and the growth of the whole kid. AbacusMaster’s visionary leadership in introducing the first-ever interactive portal years ago has made it possible for them to inspire youngsters all across the world to join in mathematical pursuits.

The IAO (International Abacus Olympiad) offers an exceptional online mock test system that is accessible to all students. This invaluable resource provides students with a practical way to practise and prepare for the competition. Recognising the significance of confidence in any competition, AbacusMaster has taken an innovative approach by providing unlimited free mock tests through this portal. This initiative aims to empower learners by ensuring that they always have access to confidence-building opportunities and become familiar with the specific pattern of the IAO. By taking these mock tests, students can identify areas where they may need improvement, thereby enabling them to focus their efforts and enhance their performance in the actual competition.

This International Abacus competition is a two-day event that is expected to attract a large number of participants, more than the previous year, which was 1000+. The competition will consist of multiple rounds, each increasing in difficulty, and the top performers will advance to the final round to compete for the top prize. The International Abacus Olympiad (IAO) aims to empower children with the invaluable skill of mental math while fostering a deep sense of self-confidence. Children embark on a transformative journey of growth and learning by participating in this prestigious event and striving to become the Olympiad winner. Through rigorous training and competition, IAO helps children develop exceptional mental calculation abilities, enhancing their mathematical prowess. Moreover, mastering mental math and achieving success in the Olympiad instills a profound level of self-assurance, enabling children to believe in their capabilities and tackle challenges confidently. IAO not only equips children with the necessary skills to excel in mental math but also cultivates a lifelong attitude of self-belief and achievement, preparing them to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential in various aspects of life.

“We are excited to host the International Abacus Olympiad and bring together abacus masters worldwide to compete and showcase their skills. The abacus is an incredible tool for mental calculation, and we hope this event will inspire more people to learn this skill and appreciate its many benefits,” said a spokesperson for AbacusMaster.

Registration for the Abacus Olympiad will be open on the AbacusMaster website from June 15 onward, and the competition is open to participants aged five to sixteen. AbacusMaster is encouraging students worldwide interested in the abacus and mental calculation to sign up and join the competition.

The winners of this international-level Abacus competition will receive cash prizes and recognition for their skills in mental calculation. Additionally, all participants will receive a certificate of participation and have the opportunity to connect with other abacus enthusiasts from around the world.

The CEO and Founder of Wizycom Nurture, the Parental organisation of Wizycom AbacusMaster, Mr. Arjun Valiyaparambil, comments. “The International Abacus Olympiad is a unique opportunity for participants to showcase their skills and for AbacusMaster to promote the power of the abacus. With the support of the abacus community, we aim to make this Olympiad a success and inspire more people to embrace this ancient skill. Over the years, IAO participants have gained global recognition for their exceptional mathematical abilities and cognitive development. The improvements in self-esteem and confidence are invaluable, as acknowledged by parents. The IAO ensures that each participant receives recognition and rewards, top achievers, motivating every child to actively participate and excel.”

The Abacus Olympiad is not just a competition but an extraordinary celebration of the human potential for mathematical brilliance. Participants will exhibit their mastery of this ancient calculating tool, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable. Witness the fusion of tradition and innovation as participants showcase their adaptability in a world where technology and mathematics harmoniously intertwine.

Join us on this momentous occasion and become a part of history. Let the Abacus Olympiad ignite your fascination with numbers, elevate your admiration for human intellect, and inspire future generations.

Mark the dates, for this September, the world will witness the biggest and most unforgettable numerical battle ever held.

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