Hundreds of students in Surat left in limbo as VNSGU stalls on fake degree crackdown

The VNSGU probe extends beyond Institute of Design and Technology (IDT) with 42 institutes in Surat being investigated for similar infractions


SURAT, GUJARAT: The Veer Narmad South Gujarat University (VNSGU) is delaying action after issuing notices to 42 colleges giving bogus degrees, including well-known brands such as the Institute of Design and Technology (IDT) and JD Institute of Fashion Technology. This delay has left hundreds of students enrolled in these institutes concerned about their academic futures.

“The university must act quickly,” says a concerned student, who wishes to remain anonymous. “Many of us have invested a large amount of money in these courses, assuming they will result in real degrees. We’re not sure if these qualifications are still relevant today.”

IDT, led by Anupam Goyal and Ankita Goyal, is at the centre of the controversy. The institute, located in Surat’s wealthy Vesu region, allegedly charges exorbitant fees for bogus Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) degrees in fashion design and interior design. According to VNSGU, these courses do not have the essential No Objection Certificates (NOC) from both the state government and the institution.

“IDT has been misleading innocent students with counterfeit degrees,” according to a VNSGU insider. “These degrees are considered invalid, jeopardising the futures of students who have invested heavily in these programmes.”

The VNSGU probe extends beyond IDT, with 42 institutes in Surat being investigated for similar infractions, including the JD Institute of Fashion Technology. The university has organised a five-member committee to investigate the situation, but students remain concerned because a report on these institutes has yet to be submitted.

“We just want a proper investigation,” another youngster stated. “Knowing the validity of these courses will help us secure our future and prevent others from falling prey to such scams.”

“The scenario emphasises the urgent need for tougher restrictions and more vigilance by universities in identifying and eliminating institutions that give fraudulent degrees. With hundreds of students’ futures potentially on the line, VNSGU is under pressure to hasten its probe and give much-needed clarity for those affected’, said one academician.