How “Trading ideas” offers instruction in trading with a user-centered approach

Students follow a rigorous schedule based on the IIT JEE preparation methodology, receiving weekly tasks to answer and being introduced to one new learning idea each week.


In order to assist individuals learn trading, Trading Ideas, a renowned Ed-tech platform, provides a straightforward method for completing homework and putting that knowledge into practise in the real markets via actual trade execution and analysis.

It all starts with a little YouTube channel where people used to talk about stocks and make live transactions. As the number of users grew into the thousands, it was decided to provide formal training in both technical and fundamental analysis.

Students follow a rigorous schedule based on the IIT JEE preparation methodology, receiving weekly tasks to answer and being introduced to one new learning idea each week. Students with no prior trading experience will need to follow the steps outlined in the programme, which require them to zero in on a single strategy at first and practise it until they reach a 70% success rate. A new theoretical component will be unveiled every month and put to the test in the real world. When using this simple method, the outcomes are undeniable. That the stock market is simple to trade in is a common misconception. While statistics indicate that 90% of people end up broke, many still find it hard to accept this reality owing to the false narratives they see perpetuated on social media. The purpose is to familiarise and maybe inspire confidence in first-time market participants.

Swing trading was introduced by Trading Ideas on February 1, 2022, and it has helped 70 individuals thus far. The trip started off with a group of people interested in swing trading and has now extended to encompass intraday, options, and advanced swing trading. Over three thousand individuals from various demographics were helped in the company’s first year of operation. In its second year of operations, the firm hopes to have a positive impact on the lives of 10,000 individuals. The organisation has already accomplished what used to take an entire year in only the first six months: it has hired over three thousand people. The beauty of these newly introduced courses is that they have an upsell rate of 20%, which is much higher than the standard for the industry. There are now 5 instructors on staff, and by the end of the year, 3 more will have been hired. These teachers are carefully selected and must pass a rigorous quality control process based on a number of criteria. Many of these teachers are NISM-certified experts who share their knowledge with the eager students that flock to their classes.

The business is also making technological investments, such as the soon-to-be-launched platform that will help users make data-driven and AI-powered choices. The first launch is scheduled for this coming December, marking a new market segment for the corporation to expand into.

Trading ideas was founded by Jaspreet Singh, who is currently heading all the operations and growth of the company. He completed his undergrad from IIT Guwahati in design, and his background in user experience is aiding him in scaling the company. He is fascinated with a user-centric approach and helping people solve their current pain points. He has been an entrepreneur since his college days and has tried multiple startups in college, and started investing money in different instruments. He began his journey by investing in mutual funds for the first time. He now manages a diverse portfolio that contains several instruments which yield returns ranging from as low as 7% to as high as 20%. He firmly believes in working hard and possessing a hustler mindset. Jaspreet’s vision is to assist even users from tier 2 and 3 cities who want to learn to trade and build a career in this field. As the trend indicates increased exposure to stock markets in the coming years, Trading ideas aim to address the significant issue of awareness. The company is dedicated to working hard to achieve this goal and welcomes like-minded individuals who can collaborate to deliver valuable content to the upcoming generation of young traders.

Thank you from the team of Trading ideas and all the best for the new trading and investing journey.