Gujarat Painted in Vibrant Hues as Dhuleti Brings Festivities and Political Colors

Dhuleti served as a platform not just for political banter but also for party workers to connect with their leaders. Many flocked to the residences of candidates in Gujarat


Ahmedabad : Gujarat witnessed a vibrant explosion of colors on Dhuleti, the festival of colors, with celebrations marked by both joyous revelry and a dash of political commentary. From youngsters grooving to Bollywood beats to families seeking blessings at temples, the festivities painted the state in hues of tradition and merriment.

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel and Union Home Minister Amit Shah played ‘Tilak Holi’ with the BJP leaders and workers in Gandhinagar Lok Sabha constituency on Monday. Tens of hundreds of BJP workers were present during the Dhuleti celebration.

The spirit of Dhuleti resonated across major cities like Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat, and Vadodara. Ahmedabad’s Swaminarayan Temple in Kalupur saw throngs of devotees eager to drench themselves in colorful gulal. A vibrant pandal served as the epicenter of joyful chaos, with revelers embracing the spirit of the festival with abandon. Party plots across the city buzzed with activity, catering to all age groups. From children giggling with glee to adults letting loose, the celebration was truly inclusive. The elite of Ahmedabad gathered at the posh Karnavati Club, where a focus on herbal and natural colors offered a unique twist on the traditional festivities. Mud play and vibrant foam added another layer of playful fun to the celebrations.

The party spirit was alive and kicking in Rajkot, where around 15 private party plots hosted Dhuleti bashes with pulsating DJ music. Families and friends reveled in the colorful water showers, rain dances, and the playful mess of mud fights. However, a poorly organized event called “Mandali Ki Holi” marred the festivities for some. The event, advertised as a grand celebration, failed to deliver on its promises.  Disgruntled attendees arrived expecting a vibrant celebration, only to find a lack of promised amenities like water tankers. Their anger was palpable, with many expressing feelings of being cheated and demanding refunds. The organizers, however, remained absent, leaving a sour note amidst the otherwise joyous revelry.

The festivities in Vadodara unfolded with a blend of devotion and a touch of caution. Temples witnessed a surge in devotees seeking blessings, while parks like Kamatibagh echoed with the joyous shouts of “Happy Holi” as people celebrated Dhuleti.  Authorities implemented strict police arrangements along the banks of rivers like Mahisagar and Narmada to prevent untoward incidents. Despite the precautions, some revelers ventured to the riverbanks to enjoy traditional mud play.

Former Chief Minister Vijay Rupani used Dhuleti as an opportunity to make a political statement. Celebrating with his family in Rajkot, Rupani commented on the national mood, stating that the “color of Ram Mandir and Ram Bhakti” was sweeping the nation. He predicted a saffron victory for the BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, contrasting it with the “faded colors” of the Congress party. He also addressed the recent change in candidate selection for Vadodara, attributing it to personal reasons cited by the previous candidate.

Dhuleti served as a platform not just for political banter but also for party workers to connect with their leaders. Many flocked to the residences of candidates, adding a festive touch to the pre-election campaigning. However, the celebration wasn’t universally joyous, with some party office bearers who missed out on nominations experiencing a dampened Dhuleti spirit.

Dhuleti in Gujarat was a vibrant tapestry woven from threads of tradition, revelry, and political maneuvering.  While some revelers faced disappointment, the overall spirit remained one of joy and togetherness, marking a colorful beginning to the upcoming elections.