Genesis by Kerastase offers the ultimate hair fair solution at its first pop-up shop in Lower Parel

Kérastase is holding a special pop-up event on the ground level of Palladium Mall Phoenix Mills in Lower Parel to present the Genesis collection to young ladies


Mumbai : The reintroduction of Kérastase’s Genesis hair care line is exciting news for fans of the prestigious French luxury brand known for its commitment to innovation and research in the field of hair and scalp care. Genesis was developed as a solution to the widespread problem of hair loss among young women today. Aminexil 1.5%, Edelweiss Native Cells, and Ginger root extract combine to provide a powerful new technology that addresses all the causes of hair loss.

Kérastase is holding a special pop-up event on the ground level of Palladium Mall Phoenix Mills in Lower Parel to present the Genesis collection to young ladies. Visitors to the pop-up may get free consultations with Kérastase’s hair care specialists, who will assess the condition of their hair and scalp. In addition, guests may spin a wheel for a free present, such as little versions of popular goods or gift certificates to a local salon. Don’t forget to bring your camera to the pop-up since there will be plenty of interesting backdrops for your pictures.

Loss of hair is a common problem among modern women, who may experience it as a consequence of stress, pollution, or menopause. Despite the fact that hair loss is more of a problem than other typical hair problems like dryness or breakage, just 8% of the market is devoted to conventional hair-loss remedies. When young women are looking for help, they are often shown medical goods that are aimed more towards males. Kérastase sees this need in the market and is working to fill it.

Kérastase is aware that modern women want a treatment for hair loss that not only works but also satisfies their senses with pleasant textures and scents. They want for a solution that is both high-end and comprehensive, with solid scientific backing. In order to meet these demands, Kérastase created Genesis, a cutting-edge product that combines effective treatment for hair loss with a pleasant hair care routine.

Genesis is the first haircare line to include a dual anti-fall action, and it provides a game-changing answer without sacrificing the pampering benefits of a hair routine. Genesis combats breakage and weakened roots, the two main causes of hair loss, with the infusion of powerful nutrients and cutting-edge composition. Kérastase’s cutting-edge in-salon and at-home treatment for reducing hair loss has been developed in tandem with renowned hairstylists, dietitians, and dermatologists for both short- and long-term success. Kérastase India General Manager Anjali Pai says.

Kérastase invites you to join them at the Genesis pop-up event to discover the transformative power of this revolutionary hair care range. Experience personalised hair and scalp diagnoses by their expert professionals and indulge in the sensory delights of the Genesis range. Don’t miss the chance to revolutionise your hair care routine and reclaim the beauty and vitality of your hair.

About Kérastase:

Kérastase is a renowned French luxury brand that has been leading the hair care industry for over 50 years. With a relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence, Kérastase combines scientific research with indulgent sensorial experiences to deliver exceptional hair care solutions. Their team of experts, including top hairdressers and scientists, create ground-breaking formulas that address a wide range of hair concerns. From combating hair fall to restoring damaged hair, Kérastase offers a comprehensive range of products and in-salon rituals that cater to every hair type. Embrace the transformative power of Kérastase and unlock the beauty of your hair. Visit for more information.