EurAsian Business Summit 2023 Concludes in London

On November 24th, 2023, eminent individuals, professionals, and dignitaries from India, the United Kingdom, and other countries gathered in London for the famous Eurasian Business Summit. This worldwide event was co-organized by Achievers' World Magazine and the Indian Achievers' Forum.   


London (UK): Ease of doing business has always been a cornerstone of economic strategies, and it continues to be the path ahead for EurAsian bilateral ties.

On November 24th, 2023, eminent individuals, professionals, and dignitaries from India, the United Kingdom, and other countries gathered in London for the famous Eurasian Business Summit. This worldwide event was co-organized by Achievers’ World Magazine and the Indian Achievers’ Forum.

In a difficult international context, those who share democratic, rule-of-law, and human-rights principles are equally persuaded of the need of maintaining the rules-based international order and successful multilateralism. India and the European Union have mutual interests.

The European Union and its Asian equivalents have enormous interests in the global economic framework due to their economies’ size, prominence, and extensive trade relations. As a result, both areas are concerned with promoting geopolitical stability and economic progress. As a result, trade and investment play an important role in developing EurAsian ties.

The Eurasian Business Summit 2023 exemplifies the power of cooperation by recognising achievement and building global relationships for a better, more interconnected future.

There were over 100 delegates in attendance. Eminent experts, diplomats, officials, and business executives gathered. The conference offered an unprecedented forum for discussion and exchange on international trade and commercial connections.

Achievements in business, education, strengthening social and cultural relations, or effective collaboration among non-governmental organisations in both areas provide enormous prospects for development and cooperation.

In his inauguration presentation, Mr Harish Chandra, Managing Editor of Achievers’ World Magazine, said, “India’s global positioning has seen a remarkable improvement.” The country is now a major actor on the global arena, contributing to conversations and efforts that influence the global narrative.”

Mr. Virendra Sharma, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, UK, graced the event as the Chief Guest. “Indian business people are welcome to set up projects, and I can assure you that the UK is a fantastic country to work in,” he added. Together, India and the United Kingdom can play a significant role in boosting not just EurAsian commerce but also worldwide business.”

The Guest of Honour, H.E. Nimisha Madhva, High Commissioner of the Republic of Uganda to the United Kingdom and Ireland, praised the winners at the Eurasian Business Summit 2023 for their exceptional efforts in enhancing their nations’ prominence on the world arena. “I invite all delegates to Uganda to explore business opportunities in travel and trade,” she added. There are many chances, and it will bring individuals from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds together to help establish a new world.”

Mr. Thomas Chazikadan, Lok Sabha Member from Kottayam, Kerala, was also a guest of honour at the occasion. He congratulated all of the recipients. “Achievers World has done well to bring such brilliant people together,” he remarked. It is an accomplishment, as is the accomplishment of the victors. I encourage everyone here to look into doing business in our state of Kerala.”

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Mahendrasinh C Jadeja (Dada), VP – Global Indian Organisation (GIO), detailed how Indians are contributing in various sectors throughout the world. In a statement, Mahendra Jadeja stated, “Global Overseas Indians could work with the Indian Achievers Forum to promote bilateral business relations between both countries and cultural exchange, as they are closely working for the Indian Diaspora” .

The presence of dignitaries from ten nations underscored the event’s global importance.

Mr Lok Nath Mishra, MD & CEO of ICICI Bank UK PLC, provided incisive ideas on India’s strong links with the UK, stressing the benefits of their productive partnership.

Several people and organisations were honoured with the Achievers’ World Leadership Award, Asian Business Leadership Excellence Award, International Achievers’ Award, Global Indian Award, Golden Pinnacle, and Mahatma Award during the summit.

Some of the award winners were-

  1. Shyam Sundar Reddy,CEO & Founder,TSIT Digital Technologies Pvt Ltd, Karnataka – India
  2. Deepali Singhee, Principal, J. D. Birla Institute ,West Bengal – India
  3. Siddharth Jain, Partner, Madhya Bharat Ceramics, Madhya Pradesh- India
  4. Imad A. Syed, Chief Executive Officer – Middle East and APAC Region, PiLog India Private Limited, Telangana – India
  5. Manoj Kuppam, Site Reliability Engineering Lead, Medline Industries Inc, USA
  6. Shikha Saxena, President & Chief Business Officer, Practo, Karnataka -India
  7. Sachin Jain, Director, Bharat ICT Private Limited, Delhi – India
  8. Hiten Patel, Founder, Mindscape Design, Gujarat- India
  9. Jagjit Singh, Whole Time Director, Imperial Auto Industries Limited, Haryana – India
  10. Rajesh B Gami, Director, Brichem Sciences Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat – India
  11. Ravi Dave, USA
  12. Kaushikkumar Patel, Director of Data Development, TransUnion LLC, USA
  13. Rajendra S Jarawat, Managing Director, RJ Projects International Ltd., Dubai-UAE
  14. Saravanan Janakiraman, CEO, Venture Automotive Tooling India Pvt. Ltd.,  Andhra Pradesh – India
  15. Sneha Mandala, Telangana – India
  16. Paroma Chatterjee,Chief Executive Officer, Revolut Payments India Pvt. Ltd.,            Karnataka- India
  17. Sachin Purohit, Managing Director, SS Global Merchants Limited, UK
  18. Amit Kumar Das, CEO, Anjali Exports, West Bengal – India
  19. Rajendrakumar Sharma, CMD, Spel Technologies Private Limited, Maharashtra- India
  20. Chaitanya Kumar Kairamkonda, Data Engineer Mastery, MassMutual,USA
  21. Ashutosh Tripathi, Senior Manager Application Engineering, Clara Analytics, USA
  22. Gautham Mohandas, Associate, Charles River Associates USA
  23. Ravi Kumar, Senior Product Manager – Technical, External Services, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon, USA
  24. Sushil Kumar, Technology Program Manager , USA
  25. Riyya Hari Iyer, Software Engineer, Brooks Automation LLC, USA

The felicitation of the esteemed awardees was followed by engaging speeches delivered by industry stalwarts Mr. Sanjay Thakur, Architect at San Studio, Dubai, and Mr. Ankur Ghosh, Founder & CEO of SSV Capital Limited, UK. Their words resonated with the audience, inspiring and motivating for future endeavours.

Concluding the event optimistically, Achievers’ World  Magazine congratulated the award winners, acknowledging their remarkable and noteworthy contributions to their respective fields.

The delegation also paid homage to the Statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Parliament Square, Westminster.