Ethical hacker Mohit Yadav guides IT security aspirants on the top cyber security trends in 2023

An astounding 95% increase from the previous year was seen in the number of cyberattacks on Indian government agencies in 2022


New Delhi (India) : In 2023, ensuring cybersecurity has become increasingly important in light of numerous cyberattacks that have impacted the privacy of citizens and corporations. An astounding 95% increase from the previous year was seen in the number of cyberattacks on Indian government agencies in 2022. Some experts predict that in 2023, state-sponsored hackers will begin targeting cloud services.

Help Is On the Way from Craw Security!

Ethical hacker Mohit Yadav is providing cybersecurity training to IT professionals because he knows how serious these threats are. In order to aid the cause, he established Craw Security, a cybersecurity training and consulting firm.

In order to meet the demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals, Craw Security was established. The problem of breached cybersecurity is becoming more widespread across the country, but there are not enough resources to deal with the emergency. Mohit created Craw Security to provide the country with skilled cybersecurity professionals to address this shortage.

In addition, NASSCOM and MeitY FutureSkills Prime have recognised Craw Security with a certificate of appreciation for the company’s outstanding work in promoting NASSCOM certification 2022.

A Wholesome Curriculum

Considering the need for holistic cybersecurity in different sectors and industries, Mohit has designed a range of different 1-year certification and diploma courses for Craw Security. The training institution allows learners to choose the cybersecurity course they are most interested in and get trained in the same.


Some of the most sought-after courses at Craw Security include:

  • Python Programming Course
  • Basic Networking Course
  • Linux Essentials Course
  • Certified Ethical Hacking Course
  • Penetration Testing Course
  • Cyber Forensics Investigation
  • Bug Bounty Hunting Course
  • Mobile Application Security Course
  • Endpoint Security Course


Such diploma and certification courses allow learners to upskill themselves and provide rock-solid cybersecurity solutions to the companies they work in. To provide students with much-needed hacker training experience in the field of IT security, Mohit offers them 1-year memberships, giving them the opportunity to work with Craw Security and apply the skills they learned.

Moreover, Craw Security has recently been awarded a certification of appreciation by FutureSkills Prime, A MeitY NASSCOM Digital Skilling Initiative for their commendable efforts in promoting NASSCOM certifications.

Getting On The Bandwagon Of The Latest Cybersecurity Trends

“It won’t be long before you lose relevance in the industry if you’re not in sync with the ongoing cybersecurity trends,” says Mohit. While offering cybersecurity training and consulting services to his students and business enterprises, respectively, Mohit stresses the importance of the trends relevant in 2023.


In all his lectures and workshops, Mohit conveys the importance of modern cybersecurity trends in 2023, such as automotive hacking, the rise in cloud vulnerability, data breaches, the dangerous potential of AI, and more.


To keep the public updated about the current state of cybersecurity in the country and relevant trends, Mohit has also launched Cyber Varta, an InfoSec Talk Show. The talk show features insightful conversations with noted cybersecurity experts and their take on enhancing IT security in India.


Craw Academy On Your Mobile Screens

To help cyber-enthusiasts obtain valuable information and get trained on the go, Mohit has launched the Craw Academy application on Google Play Store. The application provides users with free tools, videos, toolkits, tutorials, assignments, and news updates from the world of cybersecurity.


With initiatives like these, Mohit and his team at Craw Security do their best to spread awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and revolutionize IT security in India.