Digital marketing is essential for business success: Saurabh V Gosain

To meet the growing demand for digital marketing services, Mr. Gosain launched Excel Range Media in 2015


New Delhi (India) : Excel Range Media’s founder and India’s foremost digital marketing expert, Saurabh V Gosain, says that digital marketing is now essential for businesses.

To meet the growing demand for digital marketing services, Mr. Gosain launched Excel Range Media in 2015. It was one of the first companies to offer a full suite of digital marketing services, and it did so long before that term became ubiquitous.

Whether a company is small, medium, or large, “digital marketing is the need of the hour,” according to our vision statement. As a comprehensive digital marketing firm, we help our customers maximise their return on investment through the development and implementation of innovative communication strategies and campaigns. Mr. Gosain boasted that his company had created over a thousand different advertising campaigns, in addition to more than three hundred websites and ten thousand social media posts.

Excel Range Media is not only a full-service digital marketing agency, but also a training and education centre for professionals in the field of digital marketing and web development. With thousands of recent graduates in web design, graphic design, and digital marketing, it has become the gold standard for digital marketing certification around the world.

The agency has achieved remarkable success over the years, but its leaders believe they are only scratching the surface of their potential. As the internet continues to expand, we anticipate massive growth in the field of digital marketing. Excel Range Media will expand as we are given the chance. Our ultimate goal is to become your one-stop shop for all your digital marketing requirements, so we can expand our offerings to meet your demands. “We are also dedicated to developing new talent for the industry,” Mr. Gosain elaborated.

Before launching Excel Range Media, Mr. Gosain was working with iMate and HTC for three years, where he strategized marketing techniques and campaigns.

“I was doing well career-wise, but I wanted to take on new challenges, which led me to establish Excel Range Media. The decision has been vindicated by the growth we have seen over the years,” he said.

Incidentally, the trend of working from home during the Covid pandemic opened new doors for Excel Range Media as it allowed the agency to start catering to clients in other geographies.

“Convincing clients in other cities to assign work to us was difficult before the pandemic, but with work from home becoming the default mode in those days, a key barrier was removed, allowing us to grow at a much faster rate than earlier,” added Mr. Gosain.

Akshta Agrawal, who has been a part of Excel Range Media since 2015, has also been a huge factor in the firm’s success. She was executing Facebook and Google ads much before others were. Her experience in building e-commerce websites and scaling them up through effective marketing adds a new dimension to the firm.