Deepak Sood highlights distributors’ difficulties in India’s direct-selling  industry

Distributors in this sector are among the most hit, as they confront several obstacles in their pursuit of financial stability.


New Delhi: When a company engages in direct selling, they bypass conventional retail locations in favour of selling directly to customers. India’s direct selling business has exploded in recent years. However, it encounters difficulties just like any other sector. Distributors in this sector are among the most hit, as they confront several obstacles in their pursuit of financial stability.

These topics were recently explored by Deepak Sood, founder and director of Vestige Marketing. Here are some of the difficulties he mentioned:

Insufficient Regulation:

Distributors in India’s direct selling sector confront a lack of clear laws as one of the industry’s main obstacles. Even though direct selling is a perfectly legal way to make money, scams have marred the industry’s image. Distributors and customers alike have become perplexed and sceptical as a result. Without any kind of roadmap, distributors are left very exposed to possible legal concerns as they attempt to work their way through the complex legal and regulatory environment. Supply chains rely on the continued existence of these organisations that provide necessary assistance and instill customer trust.

As a result of the conduct of a small number of unscrupulous businesses, the direct sales sector in India sometimes suffers bad views and misunderstandings. There is a widespread misconception that direct sales are fraudulent quick-money programmes. Because of this misunderstanding, distributors have a harder time gaining customers’ confidence and respect. Distributors have a continuous problem when it comes to dispelling myths and educating the public about the legitimacy of direct selling.

Recruitment and Training:

Recruiting and training a robust sales force is crucial for distributors in the direct selling industry. However, finding motivated individuals willing to invest time and effort into building their own businesses can be challenging. Moreover, providing effective training and support to recruits can be time-consuming and requires dedicated efforts from distributors. Distributors may struggle to succeed without proper training and mentorship, impacting their earnings and overall business growth.

Inventory Management and Product Quality:

Distributors in direct selling often face challenges related to inventory management. They must balance maintaining an adequate stock of products while avoiding excess inventory that can tie up their capital. Additionally, ensuring consistent product quality is essential for customer satisfaction and repeat business. Distributors must be vigilant about the quality of products they sell and rely on the reputation of the company they represent. It is essential to choose manufacturers who have the right ethics.

Competition and Market Saturation:

With the rise in popularity of direct selling in India, the industry has become increasingly competitive. Distributors face the challenge of differentiating themselves from other distributors and companies in the market. As more individuals join the industry, the market can become saturated, making it harder for distributors to find new customers and expand their networks. It requires continuous efforts, innovation, and effective marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

According to Mr. Sood, Vestige offers its distributors a comprehensive toolkit to navigate these issues. With consistent support and visionary guidance, distributors can help advance their careers in the field. We hope more people find sustainable careers in direct-selling by banking on incessant support offered by similar companies. You may follow Deepak Sood on Facebook via  and on Instagram via