Career Saarthi Students Get Scholarships from Top Indian and International Universities

We are delighted to convey our sincere congratulations to the brilliant students of Career Saarthi who have earned admission to prestigious institutions in India and throughout the world.


New Delhi : Career Saarthi, India’s leading career counselling firm, is thrilled to announce that 2018 has been a banner year. The University of Buffalo, Penn State University, Queen’s University Belfast, Leeds, the University of New South Wales, Monash University, and many others have extended offers to numerous students. These students have been accepted to some of the best universities in India, including Ashoka, SP Jain, and Plaksha.

We are delighted to convey our sincere congratulations to the brilliant students of Career Saarthi who have earned admission to prestigious institutions in India and throughout the world.

We take this opportunity to acknowledge and commend the following students for their notable achievements:

– Roshini Patra – Ashoka University, India

– Rishabh Jain – SP Jain Institute of Management, India

– Kriish Tiwari – University of Buffalo, USA

– Ali Reza Alichi – University of New South Wales, Australia

– Adil Zariwala – Queen’s University, Ireland

– Tanav Sinha – Monash University, Australia

– Sashya V. – Monash University, Malaysia

Krrish Tiwari, who was granted a USD 60,000 scholarship to study at the University of Buffalo in the United States, credits Anjali Ma’am for helping him “bag some great offers and scholarships.”

“Anjali Ma’am edited my standard operating procedures and essays herself. Career Saarthi did a great job of coordinating and finishing the form-filling activity. I was accepted to a university of my dreams because of this. And all of my tuition costs were covered by scholarships and grants. With the help of Anjali Ma’m and Career Saarthi, Roshni Patra was able to get admission to Ashoka University in India on a full scholarship.

The lengthy talk I had with Anjali Ma’am today solved all my problems. She helped me figure out what I should be doing with my work and set me on the proper course. In the past, I have sought help from many different persons and different counsellors, but none have compared to her. The psychometric assessment considers every factor while recommending a profession. In addition, Anjali ma’am’s crew is comprehensive and kindhearted. You should attend Career Saarthi since it is the saarthi of your career, as I can attest from personal experience. According to freshman Neha Mehta, “true and holy” is “in every way just and good.

Because I struggled through Electronics, an MBA programme, and the banking industry without finding the fulfilment I was seeking in my work, I decided to become a career coach. After squandering a decade of her life on the wrong path, Anjali Saraogi, CEO of Career Saarthi, realised the need for a professional to “handhold clueless students like me through the rather confusing maze of courses and academics to ensure they are on the right path—a Saarthi.”

Thus, the idea for Career Saarthi was born: an edu-tech platform that would support students from eighth grade all the way through graduate school.

Ms. Anjali Saraogi, the company’s creator, is a graduate of IIM Ahmedabad’s executive programme and has strong opinions about the current trend of favouring a narrow range of occupations. She sees this as a certain way to make both the student and their parents miserable.

Career Saarthi is India’s premier educational consulting and career counselling service, with over 350 five-star reviews on Google from grateful clients. The Government of India has recognised this firm as a start-up under its Start-up Programme because of its novel approach to career guidance. It is a female-only group that operates on the premise that every kid has some kind of talent or skill they can develop into a career with the right guidance. The India Achievers Forum recognised their dedication to putting the needs of their students first by bestowing upon them the Shiksha Bharati award.

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