Build On Click becomes one-stop-shop for all construction needs

Buildonclick provides all the tools necessary for clients to quickly and easily plan and carry out building projects


Noida : Almost everyone wishes they could build their own house, but doing so can be difficult even when one has access to ample finances. Buildonclick, a novel solution provider, has arisen as the answer to all construction-related headaches and difficulties.

Buildonclick provides all the tools necessary for clients to quickly and easily plan and carry out building projects, from 3D drawings and floor plans to engineering support and site inspection. It offers a full range of financial and construction-related services, such as construction loans and financing, design and building services, accurate cost estimates, full-service project management, interior decoration, supply of building materials at wholesale prices, expert consultation, construction managers, general contractors, commercial projects, and even assistance in locating investors. Since it has the most licenced service providers in 23 states, it can reach practically every area of the country.

Based on the idea that all the building industry’s problems could be solved with a single app, Buildonclick was founded. We have been a partner of choice for clients in a number of states because we implement the latest innovations in the industry to provide the highest quality labour, superiority in quality, and prompt completion of projects. We will continue to give outstanding value and innovative construction solutions to satisfy clients’ expectations,” said Prateek Raj, Founder and CEO of Buildonclick.

Like Prateek Raj, Buildonclick’s co-founders Ishan Prasoon and Dhruv Kumar attended Manipal University.

Buildonclick’s unique selling proposition is that they provide architectural design services for as little as Re. 1 per square foot. To complete the building plan, we employ cutting-edge technology including 3D modelling and thorough forethought. We are the most connected to the industry’s top construction professionals. Site surveys performed by our knowledgeable experts are provided at no cost to you. We are involved at every step for the greatest quality standards and offer multi-year warranties,” stated Ishan Prasoon, Co-founder of Buildonclick.

In just a few years, Buildonclick has served more than 500 clients with its extensive bouquet of services. The company has designed more than 5 lakh sq ft of area so far in hundreds of cities in over 23 states.

“Buildonclick is the best marketplace in the Indian construction industry. We operate in the most transparent manner. We connect clients with the right builders and contractors. Clients can review the past projects undertaken by the builders and contractors and decide accordingly. We realise that building a home is a dream and we ensure clients get the quality construction services every home deserves. This has been our USP and the biggest contributor to our growth,” said Dhruv Kumar, Co-founder of Buildonclick.

In addition to residential projects, Buildonclick also serves projects including educational institutes, shopping complexes, hospitals, hotels, and more.

The strict quality controls at Buildonclick and hiring only the best contractors ensures that common problems associated with construction such as structural failure, wall and ceiling cracks, water leakage, paint-related problems, loosening of assembled parts, poor quality material, etc. do not take place.

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