Bontrue, Hyderabad’s Fastest-Growing Furniture Brand, Opens Its 5th Showroom In Banjara Hills

The brand is popular across Hyderabad for its aesthetic line of premium furniture articles


New Delhi : Whether it’s used for living or working, a room comes together with stylish and long-lasting furniture. Guests’ initial impressions of a home are generally formed by the front door, which must do all the talking for its owners. The top furniture designers in the world think that the pieces they create serve as a reflection of the people who use them.

Bontrue has opened its fifth luxury and premium furniture shop in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, with an eye towards satisfying the preferences of discerning homeowners. The company’s fifteen years in business have allowed managing directors Mitesh Patel and Rakesh Patel to realise their aim of becoming a household name in the domestic furniture industry. Bontrue is a luxury furniture brand that dedicates itself to creating designs that turn heads all around the world. It helps its clients avoid settling for less than ideal designs for their houses throughout renovations or new construction.

The opening of Bontrue’s fifth showroom has been a long time coming. The company entered the cutthroat retail industry by opening a lone shop in RC Puram, where it honed its offerings and established a strong reputation. Keeping up with the times, Bontrue built its first flagship store in 2020 in the Sarath City Capital Mall. Later on, the company expanded to other prime areas of Hyderabad, such as Suncity and Kompally, before setting its sights on Banjara Hills.

Combining the French terms for “good” (bon) and “true” (derived from “truth” to symbolise honesty in the brand), we get the name Bontrue. Bontrue’s mission is to give its customers with furniture that meets international quality standards in terms of design, construction, and aesthetics. The brand’s emblem, depicting an anchor made from a table and a chair, is similarly simple and sophisticated in its design.

Hyderabad’s furniture market is divided between high-end, Italian brands and more affordable, local traditional makers. The founders of Bontrue were motivated by a desire to fill a vacuum in the market, so they set out to create a luxury furniture brand that prioritised design and the needs of its customers. Bontrue’s mission is to shake up the furniture market by offering customers an unprecedented selection of luxurious, well-made pieces.

With the launch of its 5th showroom in Banjara Hills Road no. 12, Bontrue intends to continue its legacy and strengthen its reliance on people, ideas, places, projects, and products. The brand aims to maintain an ideal balance between exclusive designs and an honest pricing strategy with its offerings. It strives to standardize pricing in the largely unorganized furniture industry, helping customers make purchases with trust and transparency.

Moreover, Bontrue takes complete responsibility for the furniture purchased by its customers under the exclusive Bontrue Protection Service (BPS). This service is dedicated to resolving all customer issues pertaining to the life and maintenance of the items purchased. The professionals at the company schedule periodic visits every six months for two years from the date of purchase without additional costs, ensuring the furniture lives up to the customers’ expectations.

While Bontrue’s offerings are available at five showrooms across Hyderabad, the brand also runs a successful online store. It has also set up an exclusive virtual showroom for online shoppers, allowing them to have a 360-degree virtual walkthrough of the showroom and catch a glimpse of its offerings. To have a look at Bontrue’s designs and know more about the company, visit its official website here –