Behind the Camera: Discovering Delhi’s Rising Celebrity Fashion Photographer Abhishek Lal

His photographs always seem to catch the essence of his subjects


New Delhi : A rising star in the Indian fashion world, Abhishek Lal is a young and ambitious photographer based in Delhi. Abhishek’s fresh viewpoint and remarkable talents allowed him to shoot some of the greatest personalities in the entertainment industry, such as cricketer Virendra Sehwag and actors Siddhant Chaturvedi, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Jubin Nautiyal, and Ankit Bathla.

TMM Magazine’s cover shot of Jubin Nautiyal, Olympic trap athlete Manavaditya Singh Rathore, and singer, is stunning. His skill and ability to use the camera to elicit emotions was on full show throughout the shoot.  Abhishek is determined to continue establishing his reputation as an industry leader and captivating his audience with his exceptional skills and fresh perspective.

His photographs always seem to catch the essence of his subjects, and he has a knack for bringing out their greatest qualities. Because of his unique viewpoint and exceptional abilities, he has worked with prominent figures in the field and received widespread acclaim for his contributions. He has perfected his technique over time and is now an industry leader. Vogue Italia, Spotify India, the Hindustan Times, the Delhi Times, and the Pune Times are just a few of the illustrious magazines that have published his work.

The National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi was the first step in his career as a photographer. Here, he decided to make a career out of photography, something he had previously just dabbled in.

Abhishek’s distinctive photography technique and style distinguish him from his peers. He has an extraordinary knack for capturing his subjects’ personalities and an extraordinary eye for detail.

Abhishek stands out from his contemporaries due to his unusual photographic technique and style. He has a fantastic eye for detail and a remarkable ability to capture the spirit of his subjects. One of Abhishek’s greatest successes to date is taking first place in the Canon Superstar Fashion Photography competition. His work has also been recognized by Canon India, who celebrated his art of storytelling with a unique campaign titled “The Kathakaar of Life” on World Photography Day.

He is now recognised as one of the finest photographers in the nation thanks to this accolade.

Abhishek has been recognised as a leader in his field, earning him a place on the jury for prestigious pageant competitions such as Himalayan Buzz, Mr. North India 2021, and Mr. and Miss Uttarakhand 2022. He is in great demand as a judge for these events because of his extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

Abhishek has spent the past four years as the Head Photographer at Ustraa, in addition to his work in the fashion and advertising industries. Through this men’s grooming business, he has been able to put his ideas into practise and work with a wide range of customers. For Ustraa, he has directed several commercials over the course of the last five years.

Abhishek’s response to a question regarding his passion for photography was, “Photography may encourage you to travel, enjoy life, and appreciate the moments.”It might make you more attuned to the minutiae of daily life. Taking photographs encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. His passion and determination shine through in his photography, and he clearly gives his all to every shot he takes.

Abhishek has been able to connect with his fans and expand his reach thanks to his Instagram account. He’s amassed more than 19,000 organic followers and is using the opportunity to share his passion for photography with the world.