Bajan Bopanna takes visitors to Evergreen County’s nature after experiencing corporate life’s exhaustion

Evergreen County allows visitors to stay in the traditional cottages of Coorg while being close to unadulterated nature


New Delhi: Indians are putting in long hours at the office while embracing technology and striving for a brighter future. The two waves of COVID revealed how remote workers often overexert themselves, negatively impacting their mental health. This emphasises the need of finding time for rest and recreation.

Bajan Bopanna offers his visitors the chance to discover peace and quiet in the middle of the stress of everyday life by taking them to Evergreen County. The goal of the Evergreen County project is to provide tourists with a chance to relax in the company of nature while experiencing authentic Coorgian cottage life. Vacationers may experience life as a planter for a few days by staying in authentic cottages.

Coorg’s award-winning concept hotel offers guests a chance to get away from their mundane lives by immersing themselves in nature and engaging in exciting activities. Evergreen County is neither a typical hotel nor a bed and breakfast. The resort’s primary selling point is the unique experience it provides guests by allowing them to stay in cottages nestled among the coffee and pepper fields close to Nangala Hills. The experience that Bajan and his crew want to provide their visitors will be one of a kind and will push the boundaries of what is considered a “luxury” vacation.

After seeing the grind of the corporate world firsthand, Bajan came up with the idea for Evergreen County. After many years on the job, he found himself stuck in a rut that sucked the joy and energy out of his life. Because of this, he started thinking about the tens of thousands of workers who were in the same situation and developed the idea for Evergreen County. Bajan’s creative lodgings are meant to facilitate his visitors’ realisation of the joy, peace, and comfort that come from reconnecting with nature.

Cottages in Evergreen County are available for both large groups and smaller families. The management arranges stays in clean, rustic cabins surrounded by beautiful scenery. The unique experience of staying in the woods is enhanced by the fact that all visitors are offered organic and traditional meals.

Water activities (kayaking, coracle rides, pond swimming, etc.), adventure activities (ziplining, sky cycling, rope adventures, etc.), gun firing, archery, trekking, rafting, night plantation walks with lanterns, and much more are all available to visitors staying in Evergreen County’s wooden cottages.

Bajan thinks that contemporary professionals need a place like Evergreen County to get away from it all to restore their sanity. “A concept like this is built for people to take a break from their routine life,” he explains, “to help them escape the concrete jungle to the real jungle, play in the natural pond, stay in bamboo wooden cottages amid the coffee plantations, and try the Coorg way of living with great food, adventure, water activities, and much more.” This will significantly improve one’s life by giving them a full battery charge.

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