Ahmedabad’s Power Demand Soars to Record High Amid Scorching Heat

On May 20, the demand for electricity from Torrent Power, electricity provider in Ahmedabad reached an unprecedented peak of 2,043 megawatts (mW), marking a 13% increase in just four days


AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT : Ahmedabad is experiencing a significant surge in power demand as the city grapples with extreme heat. On May 20, the demand for electricity from Torrent Power, the city’s electricity provider, reached an unprecedented peak of 2,043 megawatts (mW), marking a 13% increase in just four days. This spike highlights the growing pressure on the city’s power infrastructure amid rising temperatures.

The heatwave that has gripped Ahmedabad is causing a dramatic rise in electricity consumption. On May 16, the demand for power was recorded at 1,815 mW. By May 20, this figure had soared to 2,043 mW, reflecting a significant increase as residents rely heavily on air conditioning and cooling systems to combat the sweltering heat.

This trend is not unique to Ahmedabad but is seen across Gujarat. For the first time in five years, the power demand for electricity providers under the Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited (GUVNL) has increased in May, surpassing 24,460 mW. On May 15, GUVNL companies reported a power demand of 21,976 mW, which steadily climbed to 24,188 mW by May 18, before slightly dropping to 22,431 mW on May 19.

“The continuous rise in temperatures since May 16 has led to an unprecedented surge in power demand,” said a spokesperson from Torrent Power. “We are seeing a 13% increase in just a few days, which is a significant leap.”

According to internal sources at GUVNL, the power demand peaked at 23,916 mW on April 19 due to rising temperatures, indicating a clear correlation between heatwaves and energy consumption. “We have not seen such a demand in May over the past five years,” an official from GUVNL stated. “This increase is primarily due to the persistent high temperatures since mid-May.”

The recent heatwave has been exacerbated by a brief spell of unseasonal rain on May 14, which was followed by a rapid rise in temperatures, reaching 42.4°C. This sudden increase in heat has driven the power demand across the state to new highs. On May 16, the power demand crossed 49.81 crore units, underscoring the strain on the power grid.

The rising power demand is a cause for concern, particularly for energy providers who must ensure a stable supply to meet the needs of the population. The sharp increase in electricity usage highlights the need for robust infrastructure and effective demand management strategies. The situation also calls attention to the importance of sustainable energy solutions to cope with extreme weather conditions.

“The demand for electricity in Gujarat is increasing due to the continuous increase in temperature since May 16,” explained a GUVNL official. “We need to look at both short-term solutions to manage the current demand and long-term strategies to enhance our infrastructure and promote energy efficiency.”