Aakash Srivastava Launches India’s First Quantified Performance Coaching Programme To Ensure Physical Well-being

While maintaining a healthy physique is essential for everyone, few people have the fortitude to do so when faced with the mind as an obstacle


New Delhi : The increasing number of young individuals dying from preventable causes highlights the significance of physical health. However, several external factors prohibit individuals everywhere from becoming in shape. While maintaining a healthy physique is essential for everyone, few people have the fortitude to do so when faced with the mind as an obstacle.

Aakash Srivastava has developed a methodical strategy to assist people in overcoming this contradiction, which has permeated people’s lives all across the globe. The coach has introduced Mindful Ideal Wellness, the first ever measurable performance coaching programme in India. The purpose of this effort is to investigate oneself thoroughly in order to get to the bottom of one’s issues.

Mr. Srivastava’s programme is predicated on the idea that people need to do more than just nutrition and exercise to achieve true health and happiness. Individualised for each client, it follows the tried-and-true technique of outlining the obstacles standing in the way of a person’s reaching their ideal fitness level and the specific areas in which that person needs to improve. The software helps the user prioritise the problems that, if fixed, will move them closer to their goal. To do this, we must assign points for each obstacle that stands in the way of our success and put a numerical value on the outcomes we want.

According to Mr. Srivastava, there are a number of interconnected causes that must be addressed systematically for a person to fail to achieve their health objectives. He gives the example of someone who wants to reduce weight but is unmotivated because they are teased about their appearance at the gym. Low self-esteem and social anxiety are its underlying causes. The gym won’t be the greatest answer to their weight problems unless they deal with these underlying causes.

Mr. Srivastava’s philosophy behind Mindful Ideal Wellness relies on two primary goals – finding the best version of oneself and getting that version to work. In his opinion, every individual comprises different versions, one of which is the best and most productive. That version knows exactly what is wrong and which path would lead to growth and development. Mr. Srivastava’s coaching program is designed to help his clients peel down the layers of their personalities to reach this ideal version of themselves.

This quantified performance coaching initiative is available in the form of 12-week programs with semi-annual and annual memberships. So far, Mr. Srivastava has been successful in helping clients belonging to different walks of life transform their bodies and attain holistic well-being, from young professionals to middle-aged homemakers. According to the feedback posted on his website, Mindful Ideal Wellness has helped a homemaker lose 3.5 kg in a week, guided a doctor to sustain her target weight, and assisted a working professional in losing weight without taking time out from her busy schedule, among others.

Having helped his clients achieve their target weights by building the right mindset, Mr. Srivastava harbors a dream of making India the “Health Capital” of the world. He also intends to contribute to the rise of new-age health influencers who stress the importance of building the right mindset along with going the conventional route of diet and exercise. Owing to his contribution in the realm of performance coaching, Mr. Srivastava has also been featured in Mid Day’s list of India’s 15 Most Influential Entrepreneurs To Lookout In 2023.

Mr. Srivastava decided to work on Mindful Ideal Wellness after he found a way out of his life’s complexities by finding the best version of himself. Looking back at his journey, he says, “I was an MBA graduate with a high-paying job. According to conventional norms, I was living a fulfilled life. However, I found myself far from being satisfied. This is when I started working backwards to identify the root cause of my problem. This helped me discover the best version of myself and rewire my brain to understand that I was treading the wrong path. I found the treasure I was looking for when I transformed myself into an entrepreneur! This experience made me realize that if I can transform my life for the better, anyone can!”

To know more about Mindful Ideal Wellness and the stories shared by Mr. Srivastava’s clients, visit his official website here: https://www.aakashsrivastava.com/