A rising star in the field of event management industry: Aditya Raj Gupta

Aditya Raj Gupta is a self-made success in the competitive field of event management; in 2009


Mumbai : The “International Exclusive Digital Media and Star Awards 2022-23” were given to Planet Entertainment & Event Management Company founder Aditya Raj Gupta for the exceptional work that he has done. Vamsi Events & Moard Foundation, with assistance from Celebwish Pro, put on this spectacular event. Guests of honour included a slew of famous people from the South. This award is a testament to Aditya’s hard work and assiduity in the Event industry, for which he is well-known for his dedication and passion.

Aditya Raj Gupta is a self-made success in the competitive field of event management; in 2009, he founded The Planet Entertainment & Event Management Company. He has led Planet Entertainment & Event Management Co. to become a successful business by emphasising innovation and forward progress while always keeping the needs and experiences of their customers in mind. With over 10 years of experience and a team of skilled professionals, the company has hosted 500+ events with resounding success. Whether it’s a corporate, experimental, or social event, Planet Entertainment & Event Management Co. has the trained, skilled, and experienced staff to pull it off at an affordable price. Planet Entertainment & Event Management Co. promises to deliver a one-of-a-kind concept and an experience that will make your story matter and the moment last.

Aditya Raj Gupta was the type of inquisitive young man who would have been excited to try his hand at anything—from acting to defense—if he thought it would help him achieve his goals and focus his boundless enthusiasm. He uprooted to Mumbai, the “City of Dreams,” in 2011. It was tough for him to make ends meet in the big city, despite all of his energy and enthusiasm, because he had trouble getting roles.

The founder of Planet Entertainment & Event Management had a natural talent for organising and leading teams. Not long after, he moved to Mumbai to earn a diploma in event management. During this time, he gained a distaste for the corporate world while interning at management firms and volunteering for campus cultural programmes, experiences that ultimately led to the launch of his own company. Using his own words, he says, “I wanted to build my empire and brand in my leadership.”

Eventually, the self-made entrepreneur got the opportunity to plan a wedding through his known contacts, which turned out to be a huge success. From handing out coconut water to the guests to working towards directing his very own corporate event, he had seen it all. The sheer dedication and commitment he had to make all events memorable and successful are what got his company to flourish increasingly in the upcoming years.

Despite the success, there is a time in everyone’s life when they are faced with adversities of life. Mr. Aditya Raj Gupta faced a challenge with his company when the pandemic hit and was advised by everyone to shut his company like many other client-to-client businesses. Yet, Aditya preserved these hardships and came out stronger than before, recovering his business when lockdowns and restrictions started easing. The company rose again from the ashes like a phoenix and continues to flourish, ensuring that they are not here to cower in the presence of difficulties but take the challenges head-on and emerge victorious!

Aditya’s recognition by the International Exclusive Digital Media and Star Awards 2022-23 is a proud moment for the entertainment industry and a testament to his unwavering dedication and passion. Aditya’s commitment to delivering the best possible experience for his clients will continue to inspire and influence the industry for years to come.

Now Aditya Raj is preparing to provide direction and help students pursuing their graduation who are curious about the event management industry or desiring to be an Event Manager through their seminars, No matter what is obstructing them. With the notion of delivering the correct guidance to the learners in their careers to be part of such a growing industry and not face the difficulties, they had encountered in the severe times. The concept of this is exclusively to upskill every Individual as an Event Manager on every street of India and generate more employment to contribute to society. If you are one of them or you like to meet Aditya and seize the benefit of this chance. The form placed on the website https://planeteem.in/students-area/ Planet Team will connect with you at the soonest possible time. Numerous seminars are already lined up, Hurry Up, chase your dream & passion!!