A peek at the Goyal brothers’ journey to establish India’s top B-school

GIBS is regarded as one of India's top business schools


New Delhi: The journey of Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS Business School) is not only that of an educational institution, but also that of three brothers who built this revolutionary B-school from the ground up. Ritesh Royal, Ravi Agarwal, and Pradeep Khadria’s struggles, hard work, and dedication have made GIBS what it is today. This moving and inspiring story demonstrates that nothing is impossible with the right mindset, hard work, and determination.

Early Struggles: Ritesh Goyal’s Journey:

Ritesh Goyal, the eldest of three brothers, is from the small town of Nohar in Rajasthan. Despite financial difficulties, Ritesh’s father recognised the value of education and prioritised it for his children. Ritesh had to overcome numerous obstacles while pursuing his higher education. At the time, learning to speak English felt overwhelming. Ritesh, on the other hand, was determined to overcome every obstacle in his path and became a multilingual motivational speaker. Later, he relocated to Bengaluru, where he began his career with a monthly salary of Rs. 9,500, which proved to be the beginning of his journey towards building multi-crore institutions and companies.

Ravi Goyal’s Family Contribution: Ravi Goyal, the second of three brothers, had to work hard to fund his brother’s educational aspirations. He travelled all the way to Manali to work for 15 to 16 hours a day just to earn enough money for his pocket money. Ravi collaborated with his elder brother Ritesh to improve the lives of young people. The trio founded Pathfinder, which quickly grew to 125 employees with a unique business model and went on to found a revolutionary B-School.

Pradeep’s Story of Overcoming Disabilities:

Pradeep, the youngest of the three brothers, had to navigate his way to success despite his polio disability. Despite his physical limitations, he was the most courageous and inspiring of his siblings. Ritesh was inspired by his younger brother and was determined to succeed.

Pathfinder: The Dawn of a New Era:

Pathfinder was founded by the brothers to assist students in overcoming the challenges of studying and passing competitive exams. Pathfinder quickly became a well-known name in the education industry, and it marked a watershed moment in the lives of the three brothers.

Building GIBS: Difficulties awaited the brothers, who were determined to establish a first-of-its-kind B-school. Near Anekal, the Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) was founded. Once again, the brothers poured their hearts into making amends for their noble endeavour, the success of which was evident when GIBS received its campus.

Is the Pandemic a Threat or an Opportunity?

The pandemic was a nightmare for countless leaders, and the founders of GIBS were no exception. Ritesh said of the pandemic’s downturns, “While capital is the lifeblood of any business, the pandemic made it difficult to keep the institution running.” However, the brothers used this setback to pivot their teaching methods to online and hybrid models, allowing their programmes to reach a larger student population.

GIBS Today: India’s Leading Business School:

Today, GIBS is regarded as one of India’s top business schools, offering a diverse range of programmes in a variety of specialisations. The institution has been recognised and honoured for its educational excellence. GIBS has also collaborated with prestigious international universities and has exchange programmes to provide its students with global exposure.

GIBS is the best PGDM (MBA) college in Bangalore and one of the top ten MBA/PGDM schools in the city. Its dedication to providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the business world makes it an ideal choice for those interested in pursuing a career in management.

Plans for the Future: A New Campus and an Autobiography:

The Goyal brothers are not content to rest on their laurels and have big plans for the future. They intend to build a new campus with cutting-edge facilities that will propel GIBS to new heights. Ritesh Goyal is also working on an autobiography to share his inspiring journey with the rest of the world.

With Goyal Brothers, you can go beyond the ordinary.

The Goyal brothers have established a total of eight ventures through their hard work and dedication. The Goyal Educational Trust, the Global Institute of Business Studies, the GIBS Business School, the Global Business Forum, the GIBS Social Foundation Trust, the GIBS Digital IRE School, the GIBS Digital Finishing School, and Pathfinder Value Creations Pvt. Ltd. are among them. Their dedication to excellence and unwavering determination have assisted them in establishing a strong presence in the education sector.

Conclusion: Brothers united, unstoppable in pursuit of their dreams

Nothing is impossible in this world when brothers bond and family supports you. The Goyal brothers’ story exemplifies how the power of unity and love can help you achieve your goals. The three brothers’ bond is an inspiration in and of itself. They not only supported one another, but they also believed in one another’s dreams.

Finally, the Goyal brothers’ strong bond and family support is a perfect example of how unity and love can help you achieve your goals. They are an inspiration to many people and have left an indelible mark on the education industry. Their story demonstrates that when brothers bond and family supports you, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

The story of GIBS and the Goyal brothers exemplifies the power of determination, perseverance, and hard work. From humble beginnings to the establishment of a revolutionary B-school, the Goyal brothers have demonstrated that with the right mindset and unwavering dedication, anything is possible. Their journey will serve as an inspiration to future generations, and GIBS will leave an imprint on the lives of thousands of students.