100% success rate for SkillArbitrage independent directors’ course

The SkillArbitrage course not only prepares students for this test, but also helps them establish a better personal brand, network with entrepreneurs and merchant bankers, and learn advanced corporate governance themes


New Delhi :  SkillArbitrage’s three-month course for persons who aspire to become Independent Directors has a 100% success rate among students.

All 26 SkillArbitrage students who have taken the Independent Directors Online Proficiency Test, which is administered by the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), have passed. Several of them have also been appointed as Independent Directors in firms preparing to go public.

The SkillArbitrage course not only prepares students for this test, but also helps them establish a better personal brand, network with entrepreneurs and merchant bankers, and learn advanced corporate governance themes. These actions are crucial in bridging the gap between qualifying for appointment and being appointed.

At the time, there is a severe lack of Independent Directors (ID). According to an IICA database, there are just 23,375 registered IDs as of August 10. Only 12,782 of them have previously passed the self-assessment exam.

as the moment, India needs as least 30,000 additional competent Independent Directors, assuming that each listed business must hire 3-4 directors. When unlisted firms and private companies intending to go public are included, the figure might be significantly higher.

Every listed business with more than Rs 10 crore in paid-up capital, more than Rs 100 crore in sales, or more than Rs 50 crore in outstanding loans, debentures, and deposits must nominate Independent Directors to its Board.

This guideline also applies to businesses considering an IPO. Companies are finding it difficult to identify decent, upstanding applicants from the IICA database, given the scarcity of qualifying IDs.

The need for at least two female directors on the Board has further complicated matters, since there are only 6,607 eligible women in the database.

Apart from the exorbitant sitting fees that IDs might charge, the demand for IDs is particularly strong at the present.

SkillArbitrage began its course in January 2023 to prepare mid-career and senior professionals for the test. The comprehensive curriculum includes the Companies Act of 2013, Securities Law, fundamental accounting and governance, and much more.

So far, all students who have taken the test have passed.

Mr. Pradipta Kumar is one of the students who passed the test on his first try. Kumar’s professional background is extensive.

He started his career with ONGC Limited, where he held positions of power, including Director of ONGC VIDESH ATLANTIC INC. in Houston, Texas, USA, and General Manager-Geophysics. He is now a freelance Coach focusing in stress management and has written many books.

“SkillArbitrage was critical to my success on the ID Exam.” The seminar covered a wide range of issues, including the Companies Act, ID duties and responsibilities, and board functioning. “It was well-structured and aligned with IICA/MCA requirements, and the mock tests I practised on gave me massive confidence to crack it in a short period of time,” he adds.

“It is incredible to see our learners pass the test with a 100% success rate, which is a testament to the hard work put in by both the learners and the teachers,” says Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO of SkillArbitrage. “It is our privilege to shape the careers of capitalism’s shepherds who will protect the interests of public investors in India’s boardrooms.”

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