With an emphasis on business and sports, Shikhar Dhawan’s Da One Group had a great start in 2023


New Delhi : ​​​ Amitesh Shah started leading the Da One Group in 2021. Starting in January 2023, Da One Group has become one of the biggest private networks of sports organisations throughout the world. Amitesh Shah discusses critical information about the company’s future business and growth strategies and major initiatives.

After twenty years of management experience and achievement in a variety of fields (Celeb led conglomerates, FMCG, Banking, Insurance), the author is an expert in guiding organisations to financial success. He foresaw the need and value of linking together influential people in the sports sector to share insights and information in an increasingly digital world. Since nothing else existed like it at the time, he teamed up with Shikhar Dhawan to form Da One Group in 2021. By bridging the gap between the worlds of sports and business, the Da One group is well on its way to becoming one of the greatest worldwide corporate giants. Da One Group has maintained consistent communication with our constituents, listeners, and supporters. The members of Da One Group appreciate the interest in their story and the help they’ve received from their fans.

Join us on this exciting journey as Da One take a deep dive into the world of Da One Group, where it explores the different verticals under our umbrella and shares exclusive insights. Our Various Verticals are:

Da One Global Ventures

Da One Sports

Shikhar Dhawan Foundation (SDF)

Da One Hospitality

Da One Entertainment

Da One Capital

Da One has several services in the portfolio of the Da One ecosystem to engage and keep our members up to speed on the latest trends in the sports & business industry. Da One is always looking to improve and constantly looking to innovate.

The Business of Sports is at the heart of what the group does – and that won’t change. The group is always looking to expand our offerings and services under the leadership of our founder Shikhar Dhawan. The sports world will be a very different place in 10 years’ time. For instance, partnerships and fan engagement programmes in sports will be revolutionized. Sports broadcasting will move to another level, impacting the way fans consume sports. The group be right there working with sports & business executives, adapting to the changes and helping them to maximise the opportunities.

The group will have more summits and activities in regional markets, complementing our global events in the coming years. The Da One group is also establishing multiple funds to ensure wealth generation for participants at one end and equitable support for high-growth start-ups across the world and in India on the other. Shikhar Dhawan is one of the most reputed names in the cricket world, and he has established a globally enriched and seasoned founding team who will lead the fund’s investment thesis across the spectrum of Sports to include Technology, eSports, Gaming, Web3 & more. This unique network of Da One group will provide unprecedented access to an ecosystem worldwide, which will accelerate and mobilise new propositions with unique positioning.

Similarly in Da One Sports the team is working aggressively to achieve it targets of-

2 Centre of Excellence to be developed

12 Sports to be taken care at Grassroots and Elite Coaching Programs

250 Coaches to be educated in 4 regions

1,00,000 athletes to be impacted through our sports and wellness program

Da One Sports is a sports education and training firm working towards establishing better quality training right from the Grassroots level. Da One Sports’ approach of ‘Activity Based Learning’ and ‘Child Centric’ are the two main features of every program that’s designed. Da One Sports will streamline training while creating ample opportunities to learn and grow for every athlete and coach to be a better human being.

Shikhar Dhawan Foundation believes that all and every individual can affect social change and talking about social issues is the start of the process. Discussing and spreading awareness about social issues help create a better understanding of the problems regarding the root cause and nature of these issues. The SDF is established with an aim to bring change and help prevent social issues and would be devoted to the common good. SDF works on campaigns to spread awareness regarding issues related to providing quality education, hunger eradication, job creation, poverty, eradication of illiteracy, and other issues. Strategic measures are adopted for the upliftment of the communities and their welfare by the Shikhar Dhawan Foundation.

Currently, as the CEO of Da One Group, Amitesh Shah is responsible for Shikhar Dhawan’s overall success of business entities in Sports, Philanthropy, Entrepreneurship, and Entertainment & taking Shikhar to “Shikhar”.

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