Willow Woods preschool launched in Hyderabad for young minds


Hyderabad : MLA Vivekananda inaugurated the Willow Woods Pre School in Bachupally today (Quthbullapur constituency). With the motto “Celebrate the Childhood,” Willow Woods aims to provide a secure and loving setting for kids between the ages of two and six.

The school’s director, Jyothi Penumusta, has created a curriculum that emphasises the integration of a child’s cognitive, motor, linguistic, and social development through a variety of learning activities. All of these exercises are meant to encourage imaginative and analytical thought in children. The school also provides extracurricular activities, such as yoga and music classes for students of all ages.

During his address to the inaugural crowd, MLA Vivekananda emphasised the need of putting money into our children’s educations. He spoke highly of Willow Woods Pre School and its commitment to excellent education for young children. He also lauded the efforts of Willow Woods Director Jyothi Penumusta to make the school a great place to learn.

With 24-hour surveillance and helpful staff members who have received extensive training to deal with kids of all ages, Willow Woods is a safe place for your children to be. Students are able to gain practical experience from an early age because to the kid-friendly facilities, materials, and AV aids provided in the classes. Gopal Raju, the school’s director, remarked that besides the standard subjects like math and english, Willow Woods also offers extra curricular activities like sports classes, art & craft sessions, and dance workshops to assist youngsters find what they’re passionate about.

Willow Woods students have access to paediatricians who conduct regular checks and track their progress over time.

The need of maintaining a healthy diet is another topic heavily emphasised on campus. The school also collaborates with professionals in the community to host regular career counselling sessions.

At Willow Woods Pre School, we understand the importance of the first six years of a child’s life. During this time, their physical, mental, social and emotional development is key in helping them become confident and successful individuals. That’s why our team of qualified and dedicated teachers strive to support these early childhood years by providing a safe, hygienic and creative environment for our students.

Our classrooms are designed with bright colors and interesting shapes to bring out the creativity and imagination in each child. To further facilitate learning, our school also has various learning corners such as a Doll House, Creative Centre, Multi Activity Gym, Audio Visual Corner, Public Speaking Corner, Role Play Corner and Free Play Corner. With these learning corners, children can explore their interests while developing skills that will help them throughout their lives said Director – Seetharama Raju

At Willow Woods Pre School we aim to ensure that every child receives the best foundation possible so they can grow into well-rounded individuals who have all the necessary skills needed for success. Our teachers engage with each student regularly to monitor their progress and ensure they are meeting every milestone along the way. We also use age appropriate activities to help them develop social skills such as problem solving abilities and communication skills which are essential for academic success later on in life.

We understand how parents want only the best for their children’s future and know that providing an excellent education during these formative years is extremely important. That’s why at Willow Woods Pre School we conduct assessments throughout your child’s schooling so you can be assured that your child is receiving quality education from us.

In addition to regular classes we also offer extracurricular activities such as music classes or sports clubs which can further enrich your child’s overall development while having fun in a safe environment. We also provide outdoor play areas where children can explore nature which helps promote physical fitness while developing motor coordination skills like balance or agility which are key components of a healthy lifestyle.

At Willow Woods Pre School we strive to make sure that each student has access to all the resources they need so they have a solid foundation when transitioning into primary school education later on in life.  So with this intention, a Kids Library is set up so kids can have access not only to books but also toys, educational toys, puzzles, Montessori board, soft toys etc., If you would like more information about our school please contact us via email or telephone and one of our helpful staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have! Thank you for considering Willow Woods Pre School – we look forward to helping your child reach their full potential Said Director – Jyothi

In conclusion, MLA Vivekananda Appreciated all those involved in making this event possible while reaffirming his faith in schools like Willow Woods Pre School that strive towards providing quality education and holistic development opportunities for children in Bachupally vicinity. He has also launched the Brochure & Website of Willow Woods – www.willowwoods.co.in

This is indeed a major milestone in promoting greater literacy among young minds who aspire towards achieving success later on in life.