Viwa Perfumes, with its popular fragrances, creates a fragrant success journey

They have created a distinctive position and recognition in the perfumery markets in India with their recent perfume hits like “Reels, Butterfly and Salsa.”


Ultimately, all that matters for a brand or business to get to its next step to growth and success is how unique it stands in its markets and how resilient and passionately it works as a team, leaving no stone unturned in turning its visions into reality with the products it offers its target demographic. It always seems easier than done, but there are a few incredible brands across industries of the world that never followed the set norms of their niche and instead chose to walk on unconventional paths to reach unconventional and noteworthy success. Mr. Manoj Bohra, who founded Viwa Perfumes, has followed the same approach to business.

Offering premium fragrances since 1990, Viwa Perfumes has made a mark in India’s ever-growing perfumery markets. Their long-lasting, exotic, luxurious, custom scents and perfumes have created a remarkable presence. Over the years, they made more noise with their three much-talked-about products like “Something Something” which they have been offering in the market since 2005, “Drax” which is a popular fragrance offered by them since 1990, and the latest success in “VMJ Glam.”

Viwa Perfumes, with its popular fragrances, creates a fragrant success journey.

However, the team felt the need to push boundaries and create more positive buzz around their winner-like fragrance products, which led them to also offer “Reels, Butterfly, and Salsa,” three new variants in fragrances under VMJ that have already become widely popular in Indian markets. A few years ago, the team launched the brand “VMJ” under Viwa Perfumes to propel the brand to greater presence and excellence in the industry.

Reels Eau de Parfum, introduced under VMJ with a pink, green, gold, blue, and silver collection, has taken luxury to a new high and offered people sophistication in a bottle. Butterfly, offered in soft pink, gold, hot pink, and blue additions, is made for everyday use and has a rich fragrance, instantaneously elevating a person’s personality. On the other hand, Salsa is also a unique fragrance that can instantly become the wearer’s favorite.

Viwa Perfumes is already a leading name in the industry because it offers incredible scents and perfumes at cost-effective rates while allowing people to access their fragrances in luxury. Mr. Manoj Bohra, founder (who laid the foundation in 1990), and his son, Mr. Rishabh Bohra as the dynamic duo with their competent team have infused modernity into Viwa Perfumes while upholding its rich legacy in the industry.

The founder points out that apart from regularly introducing new fragrances like Reels, Butterfly, and Salsa, their customer-centric approach, highest quality products, and passion for creating long-lasting, affordable, and luxury fragrances have helped Viwa Perfumes (@viwaperfumes) become a prominent name in the industry.