Visitor Guard® updates its website, makes it easier for customers to compare US visitor insurance plans

Visitor Guard® markets, sells, and services insurance plans from a variety of insurers and plan administrators.


New Delhi (India) : Visitor Guard®, a leading US visitor insurance comparison website, recently upgraded and modified its site to allow users to compare multiple plans at the same time. A new “Best Seller” tab has also been added to help users find the most popular and bestselling plans right now.

Users will be able to sort by a variety of criteria in the future, including policy maximum, deductible, and other similar benefits. Users can also find a list of in-network hospitals and doctors using the newly embedded PPO Network links, making the selection process easier.

Visitor Guard® markets, sells, and services insurance plans from a variety of insurers and plan administrators. The company is authorised to sell various insurance products. It provides travel insurance to tourists visiting the United States and Canada, as well as those travelling outside their home country. In addition, the company has strategic alliances with well-known insurance providers such as IMG (International Medical Group) Global Insurance, Trawick International, WorldTrips, and others.

Visitors, new immigrants, international students, and exchange students are all protected by Visitor Guardinsurance ®’s plans, which include visitor’s insurance, international student’s insurance, international travel insurance, and group insurance, to name a few. These insurance policies help travellers deal with a variety of unexpected situations.

“With our expertise and depth of knowledge in the field of Insurance and technology solutions, we bring the best deals to customers at the most affordable rates,” said Chiranth Nataraj, Founder of Visitor Guard®. Visitor Guardmission ®’s is to become the best visitor and travel insurance provider for all travellers. Visitor Guard® is dedicated to providing the best service possible to all of our customers.”

Mr. Nataraj, as the founder of Visitor Guard®, has been instrumental in the company’s success. Mr. Nataraj, along with his exceptionally talented team members, transformed the company from a small start-up to one of the leading visitor insurance companies in the United States.

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