Vadodara News : NIA arrest UES MD in Connection with Kidnapping and Torture Case in Cambodia

The investigation by Vadodara police revealed that Hingu had lured Shahu from Odisha to Vietnam with the promise of a job, only to later send him to Cambodia


VADODARA,GUJARAT : The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has arrested Manish Hingu, the Managing Director of UES, following a raid at the company’s office in the Vishwamohini complex in Subhanpura, Vadodara. The raid, conducted on Monday, was part of an investigation into the kidnapping and torture of Dinbandhu Shahu, an Indian man held hostage in Cambodia for over 35 days. The Vadodara Crime Branch collaborated with the NIA during the operation.

The investigation revealed that Hingu had lured Shahu from Odisha to Vietnam with the promise of a job, only to later send him to Cambodia. Shahu had paid Hingu Rs 1.50 lakh, borrowed from relatives, for the supposed job placement. However, upon arrival in Cambodia, Shahu was held captive and tortured, unable to escape for over a month.

In his police complaint, Shahu recounted his ordeal. “I was added to a WhatsApp group called UES JOBS1 and learned about a job opportunity in Vietnam. I contacted the UES office and spoke to Manish Hingu on July 17, 2023. He assured me there would be no problems and promised to bring me back safely if any arose. Trusting his words, I took a loan and paid Rs 1.50 lakh to Manish,” Shahu stated.

Upon receiving a distress call from Shahu, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) initiated urgent repatriation efforts, bringing the situation to national attention. This incident was part of a larger scheme where numerous Indians were duped into traveling to Cambodia under the pretense of lucrative data entry jobs, only to be held captive and tortured.

The NIA’s raid on the UES office marks a significant development in the ongoing investigation. During the raid, Hingu was interrogated and subsequently taken to the Vadodara Crime Branch office for further questioning. The NIA, known for its meticulous investigative approach, has been handling the case since it was transferred from the local authorities due to its international implications.

Rajesh Bhatt, a senior officer from the Vadodara Crime Branch, commented on the raid: “This operation is a crucial step towards dismantling the network involved in these heinous acts. We are committed to ensuring justice for the victims and preventing such incidents in the future.”

The larger context of the case involves a surge in reports of Indian citizens being held hostage in Cambodia. These individuals, enticed by fraudulent job offers, faced severe physical and psychological abuse. The MEA’s intervention highlighted the urgency of the situation, prompting a nationwide crackdown on similar fraudulent operations.

The arrest of Manish Hingu is expected to lead to further revelations and arrests as the investigation progresses. Authorities are urging potential victims or anyone with relevant information to come forward and assist in the ongoing efforts to bring all perpetrators to justice.