UniversityHub collaborates with Adelphi University

All admissions to the University into various MS courses will now be routed through UniversityHub. 50% scholarship also announced to students joining Adelphi University through UniversityHub.


Hyderabad: UniversityHub, established by Dr. Anil Palla of Hyderabad, has just announced an exclusive relationship with Adelphi University of New York (

Since forming this partnership, UniversityHub has been the only admissions portal for all undergraduate programmes at Adelphi University. This collaboration will raise awareness of several different Master’s degree programmes, including the in-demand fields of computer science, business analytics, supply chain management, and health informatics.

UniversityHub’s founder, Dr. Anil Palla, had this to say about the partnership: “Student-centered education has always been at the core of UniversityHub’s goal. We are committed to making high-quality education available to students on a global scale who otherwise may not have access to it. To achieve this goal, UHUB is giving away a whopping 50% scholarship to any and all Adelphi University candidates who use our website. UHUB’s commitment to student empowerment and making higher education more accessible is shown via its scholarship programme.

Furthermore, UniversityHub recognises the monetary constraints that students encounter when pursuing higher education. With the elimination of the I20/enrollment deposit, UHUB is making it easier for students to register in their programmes of choice, regardless of their financial situation. For a streamlined application process, UHUB and Adelphi have teamed with Span Tran, a leading supplier of transcript review services, to provide these services at a steep discount. Dr. Anil Palla, Dean of Admissions at Adelphi University, adding that candidates may expect a transcript evaluation to take between two and four days.

Moreover, UniversityHub is committed to openness and equality in its role as an application service provider. Therefore, UHUB states with great pride that there are no application processing costs, removing a potential barrier to entry for students due to financial concerns. UniversityHub understands the value of IELTS and other similar tests for overseas students. UHUB provides students with free IELTS training so that they may get high scores on their language proficiency examinations and earn admission to Adelphi University.

UniversityHub hopes to build an inclusive learning community where students from all socioeconomic backgrounds may succeed academically by partnering with Adelphi University. UniversityHub is dedicated to creating a welcoming space for students from all walks of life to pursue higher education by offering financial aid, including scholarships, deposit waivers, subsidised transcript assessment services, and free IELTS preparation. UniversityHub and Adelphi University are providing promising students with pathways to a better future.

UniversityHub has a track record of 85,000+ successful placements in top colleges and universities in the United States. This knowledge and experience allowed us to streamline the application process for prospective students. UniversityHub’s free services are limited to assisting students in finding relevant coursework and educational institutions. Some recommendations are made to assist students make the best choice based on their interests and their ability. UniversityHub offers assistance at every stage of the process, from deciding which school to attend to obtaining a visa, a job, and eventually citizenship in the United States. Students from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds can especially benefit from our free IELTS preparation classes.

Nearly 40-50% of students going to the US for higher studies do not complete the course they seek admission into first. This is because they would have selected a course with high tuition fees and ended up migrating to a different university to cut course costs. And many students, unfortunately, suffer in the latter stages due to these moves. Hence, it is important that students and their family members are fully aware of all facets of the admission process, the University/College they are seeking admission into, and other related aspects. The most important aspect while preparing for admissions is, students opt for well-recognized courses from reputed institutions. Seeking the right information and doing proper research is important, and UniversityHub helps make an informed decision.